Them Butterflies

It’s not the first time that you called me baby. But it’s definitely the first time that my body reacted this way and I can’t handle it.


Technically, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s just me who always tell you that we are. And you will laugh about it and crack


“Really? I didn’t know that… until now.”


But we treat each other as if we are more than that.


I shouldn’t be hoping that you will reciprocate my feelings. I shouldn’t be waiting for your calls and messages.


I always wonder how are you doing and what are you up to for the day. I always get excited to hear your stories, your dreams and your plans.


I see you in everything. I always stare at the clock hoping that the time runs fast so that i can finally hear your voice.


I feel the adrenalin rushing into my veins whenever i hear you laugh. And it’s just magical whenever you call me baby.


Those butterflies keep dancing and rumbling inside my stomach. Giving me chills all over. I just love the feeling of ugh. I can’t put it into words.


I get the feeling of falling in love as if it’s the first time. Lovestoned. It leaves me speechless. And i kinda like it. ❤


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