Who You Are

I graduated BS Accountancy last year and I never liked my course, until now.

Back in my elementary years, I already knew what I want. I always wanted to be a lawyer. I always wanted to help women, uplift women and empower them.

I admit that when I was younger, I wanted to become a guy as well. I don’t know, I just want to be masculine, roaming around with no shirt on. How cool would that be? But of course, that was just a part of my imagination. It’s funny to remember those times when I would wear loose shirt and jersey shorts and my aunt would call me “Boy”…  but I am not a lesbian. It’s just how we address each other. 

When i reached high school, i still wanted to be a lawyer… But I also wanted to become a nun. I once told my dad about it and he painted that not so happy face. He said, “if that’s what you want.” I knew he wanted me to marry and have kids. I was just so into the moment. I used to write my name on a piece of paper adding “Mary” and “RVM”. And my classmate would tease me and ask me if i am damn serious and I would say “Yes”. 

Later, I realized I would look odd if i would become a nun. I know it’s not a joke being a nun, serving the Lord and I know deep in my heart, i couldn’t do that.

I still wanted to become a lawyer  but in order to pursue my dream, I need a pre-law course and I thought AB Psychology would be cool. Yeah, why not. You know, you get to understand how people behave and why do they behave that way. So I took the exam at the university. I passed. English – very good, Math – very good, Science – probationary. LOL. But I passed and it was all that mattered.

I was so thrilled that I would be able to study human mind and behavior but when I learned that the schedule will be in the morning… I was like “NO WAY”. So i did not enroll. 

Instead, I took an entrance exam in another university… And i passed. But, the course I wanted to take was not offered that time. I needed to think of another course that will be my pre-law and I heard that Accountancy will be perfect. So there. I enrolled. It was just a pre-law course anyway.

I was like a stupid kid learning new things on my course. I heard of debit-credit before but i had no idea what are they for. I remember how I would poke my classmates and ask them about the basics. Dumb —> me.

But of course, we can always learn new things. It’s just amazing how the dumb me turned into someone who did board works for my classmates. I learned the course very well. But I never learned to love it.

Now I am currently working with lawyers… But I am not a lawyer myself. I am an accountant. You might think that being an accountant is boring. But it’s not. You just got to be passionate about your job. 

The feeling of satisfaction you get when you find the error in your financial statements, the stress, the wrinkles, the small centavos you find, those algebra problems, those formula are beyond heaven. It’s an exciting job. But still I never learned to love it.

It’s just now that I realized what I really want to be in my life. 

Recently, I entered this venture with my special one. We are currently developing a game and for the first time in my life, I felt those chills down my spine. Those codes that make my brain bleed, those tutorials that give me headache, they all give me the feeling that I can be someone who can do things that i never expected to do. Thanks to him that he helped me find myself.

You just go to be out of your box to find your happiness. Learn to live outside your comfort zone. When you are able to do that, that’s the time you can really find what you want to do and who you want to be.



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