Same Monday

I woke up at 4 and prepared. I didn’t eat breakfast as usual. Rode a public vehicle going to the bus station.

There were already people waiting at the bus stop. As i was expecting, the buses went pass us as if we weren’t there. So, this is what they call a bus stop.

20 minutes and no bus stopped to pick us up. So i decided to go to the next station and i was not shocked with the number of people who were in line. It was not just a straight line but a spiral one. So you can imagine how crowded the place was.

It’s the same as last Monday and the Monday before last Monday. I faked a smile and thought to myself, “will this ever change?”

And I thought to myself, who shall bring the change? Will the world change for me? Will it be bring difference for me?

Heck no. The change should come from within. If i want a big difference, if I want my Mondays to be different from my previous ones, then I shall adjust.

I don’t have the power to control external forces, traffic, busy streets, buses, but I do have the power to control my time and actions.

I should not wait for the external forces to adjust for me. I should adjust so that I can avoid those external negative forces.

I shall be doing this to avoid that same Monday.

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