The Tale of the Unfinished Book

Cannot think of what to write so I drank something to refresh me.

Soda, Energy Drink, Beer…. Choice is mine.

Finally, an idea popped up.

Writing this blog over a bottle of Soda and a chewing gum.. You read just right, SODA. I used to write with the spirit of alcohol in my head, but not today and not tomorrow. In
fact, I cannot remember when was the last time I drowned in alcohol.

I remember the “adventurous me”. The “me” during college.

I used to skip classes and stay at the restaubar, sometimes alone, sometimes with my friends; feasting with alcohol and my all time favorite buttered corn. The picture of the corn
smoking and sizzling on the special plate still lingers on my mind and the first bite always feels like heaven. Though the beer itself doesn’t taste good, the combination will always
be a winner.

I used to have an advance sickness. LOL. If I don’t feel like going to class the next day, I will tell people in advance that I am sick and I cannot go to class the next day. I’m not
really sick, I’m just making up stories. And i will get low grades because of that.

I used to go to the mall with my friend and we will just spend the whole day eating. Sometimes, she will shop and I will just tell her if the dress is okay or not. She always asks my
opinion. Of course, I always tell her that the dress is okay. When it really isn’t. Then I will tell her to buy some clothes for her baby when i see guys staring at us and we both get
irritated. (Though she doens’t have a baby yet) Just our defense mechanism. I really do not like shopping. I get bored.

I used to stay at the arcade playing basketball. I remember one time when I got a 600+ score and the crowd were like “wow”. I was like “meh”. I got backache afterwards. Then i
will try the claw machine. Never had luck. Not even once. Not even close.

I am not a singer but I have the guts to sing in public, only when my friends are there. If I sing bad, they sing worse. We will occupy all seats and rock the house. Pure fun.

I don’t usually take notes. I let my friends do so. Then I will borrow their notes and have them photocopied. I am the laziest in our group. I have the crown.

I don’t like reading. I started reading a book when I was in gradeschool. I reached my college days, I was still on the 46th page.

I went out with guys… Even if I didn’t really like them. I used to play with everybody. Including myself.

I was not the best college student. I dropped subjects. I was never in the Dean’s List. I never topped the class. I spent an extra year in college. I failed a lot of times. But i surely
made the most out of it.

I just miss the feeling of being free. The feeling of excitement while waiting for the sembreak to come. But I cannot go back, all i can do is to reminisce. Darn, I’m lucky that I have
a good memory. I can always look back.

I always find remembering the “old me” so funny. Compared to the “old me”, I like the “present me” so much better. I know I have improved a lot. But even if I stopped doing what I used to do, I still find new ways to be adventurous.

I sure do have an advance sickness but it doesn’t happen that often. I try to motivate myself when I wake up in the morning. It’s hard to find that inner motivation, but I am
trying. So far, so good.

I quit drinking. I never liked the taste anyway. And I don’t want to get that beer belly anymore. I still have it, and I want to get rid of it. I learned to love water. Ice cold one!

I still do not like shopping. That will not improve.

I don’t go to arcades anymore. I feel like it’s just a waste of time. Instead of going to arcades, I just spend my idle time doing some exercise, dancing or table tennis.

I don’t sing in public anymore… I’m more careful with my actions. But I will make an exception. I’ll sing only when he’s watching. 🙂

I already finished reading the book… At last. I would never forget the title of the Book, “The Witchmaster’s Key”… I was really proud of myself until I found out that there’s part II, part III and so on. 

I don’t go out with random guys. I’ve been with my only one for the past years. And he’s not random. He’s dear to me. And i’m planning to spend forever with him.

There’s always room for improvements. I was not the best, but I know I can be.

P.S. Life never stops, Just live it right… And do not forget to have fun!

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