Dinner for Tonight

And my mates are all there trying to calm me down
‘Cause I’m shouting your name all over town
I’m swearing if I go there now
I can change her mind, turn it all around

Brilliant lyrics from The Script

Singing these lines on my mind. But they are not really related on my entry for tonight.

I heard from my colleague that another robbery was committed in the area where I usually take the bus going home. According to her, a public vehicle, specifically an FX, was on its way when the incident happened.

The passengers mostly students from different universities, two working females, and 3 other normal passengers. The driver was stopped by one of the passengers, clearly the criminal, pointed a gun on to the driver’s side, and pushed him out of the vehicle. The passengers were horrified with what they saw. They were instructed not to move and to hand their valuables to the female on the side. The female pointed a knife on to one of the students… The student was somewhat defending herself when she was stabbed into her side. She literally bathed in her own blood.

Not satisfied with what they were handed, another guy took out a gun and went over the bags of the all the passengers. He even pointed the .45 caliber gun on to the temple of one student.

3 iphones, macbook, watches, jewelry, students’ allowances, cards, cash… every valuable thing was robbed. Empty wallets and they were all worried how to get home without a penny. Robbers walked as if nothing happened.

A life was in critical stage.

Fortunately, the hospital was just meters away. The injured female was immediately put into the emergency room. Thank goodness she is alive.

The only thing that is running through my head is the word SHIT.

The world is full of ignorant people. I cannot put into words how sorry I am for those people who had to experience this SHIT.

Where is Utopia? Yeah, it doesn’t even exist and it is too impossible for it to exist. If people only fill what’s lacking, then they wouldn’t do this hideous crime.

Robbery is stealing valuables.
Adultery and Concubinage is stealing of one’s spouse.
Killing is stealing one’s life.

The world is just so messy. People slaughter one another. They kill without blinking an eye. How ridiculous.

I prefer the old world where there is so little crime. Where life is simple and where people treat each other brothers and sisters, not animal.

We live in the same world, why would people rather steal than share? No wonder why there isn’t faith in humanity anymore, if there is, pretty sure so little.

I will wait for the day when people will be kind enough to respect life.

Cheers to Humanity! 

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