Rainy Days on Saturdays

Hot chocolate for a cold Saturday. Unfortunately, I don’t drink hot choco.

Droplets into my window… soft music playing inside my head… The cozy feeling…I don’t like them at all.

I remember the time when I used to love the rain. But now I just totally hate it.

When in was young, I showered in the rain a lot. I and my brother usually play outside, forming some balls using sand, digging holes, making passage for the water. We were so young and happy. Then I reached my high school, still, i enjoyed the rain. Lot of times, I went home soaking wet then I would enjoy the hot soup prepared by my mother.

College days, I can say that I liked it less. I hate the fact that my shoes get wet during travel. I hate how my body will freeze when the wind blows hard. But there was one time when I and my childhood friend decided to play outside as if we were little children, we strolled around the village, we played basketball, we fell down because of the slippery ground, we were dirty, we shivered, but we had a good time.

Now that I am already working, I can’t help but feel sad whenever it rains. There are a lot of restrictions, I feel like I’m in jail.

I hate it when I still have to travel even when the rain pours heavily. I hate it when I get soaked. I hate it when I need to bring extra shoes. I hate it when the water would get inside my shoes as if I have my own pool inside them. I hate it when my umbrella would get broken. I hate it when I have to buy one after the other one gets broken. I hate it when my internet connection would get slower… worst, when i have no connection at all. It’s as if I am a mess when it rains. I hate it when my clothes won’t dry. I hate the stinking smell of clothes on the dryer. I don’t know how this all began. Maybe, I am not just the innocent child who enjoys getting wet.

This is my selfish point of view. Rain does not do me good directly. I feel annoyed.

Nevertheless, I am still grateful for the rain brings good harvest.

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. -Bob Marley

I belong to those who just get wet, sadly.

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