Bathroom Wars

Guys complain a lot about girls. You get annoyed when girls stay long inside the shower room, or when girls take long to pick up a dress, or when girls are PMSing. I dare you to switch lives with us. I don’t know how long you can last, but I’m pretty sure, it won’t be too long.

Being a girl isn’t easy. There are bunch of things you consider. You always have to construct a checklist in your mind and constantly review if everything that’s on your checklist is done… You go through a lot of moodswings, you will turn from beauty to beast, you will get really messy to the point when you will just wish that you were born a guy.

Let’s talk about girls’ stuff

Inside the Shower Room:

If you’re going to calculate everything, 10 minutes isn’t enough for us to finish.

When girls wear shorts and shirt, it will take us an average of 3 minutes to take off eveything, including our hair and body accessories (ponytail, clips, earrings etc.) That’s just simple shirt and shorts, what if we’re wearing a long sleeves and jeans?

Shampoo and Conditioner. We do have bad days. The length of our hair is usually longer than yours. Fixing ours isn’t easy. We could not just simply apply shampoo and leave it like that. It is advisable to apply shampoo all the way to the scalp to remove the dirt. Then we will have to rinse it thoroughly or else we will have dandruff. Then we still have to dry it then apply conditioner and leave it for about 3 minutes to take effect. Then rinse it again.. More thoroughly. Are you wondering why do we put so much in our hair? We’re not being vain, we’re just taking care of our crowning glory. Would you go out with a girl who has a nest on her head? Hell no. Why not trim it very short? You make us feel that having long hair looks more feminine than having a short one. And you often go head over heels for a girl who has a long, shiny hair.

Soap. One soap for the body and one for the face. We wouldn’t want to burn our face. We want to have a delicate skin. Rub the soap then exfoliate, then rinse. Then we will repeat when we think we’re not clean enough. We want to get rid of any body odor. We want to smell really nice. We want to go out of the shower room smelling fresh.

We use femine wash for that area. Soap would burn. How about you guys, do you use… do you even have masculine wash?

We wouldn’t want to go out dripping wet. Do you know how long would it take to dry our hair? A towel isn’t enough. Sometimes, we still seek the help of a hair dyer… or a fan.

Taking a shower is sometimes tiring. Take note: I did not include us washing our underwears, brushing our teeth, and applying deodorants… and having periods. Sorry but WE NEED EXTENSION.

Picking clothes

We always want to look presentable. We want to feel comfortable in everything we wear. We want to look good. Shirt and Jeans are bomb but not everyone looks good on them. Not mentioning we have to wear extra inside. We don’t want to look fat or short. Clothes do magic. So we need to do the magic to the best of our ability.

Why do we give a damn in picking a pair of shoes? Why not just wear sneakers? Why do we have to wear high heels then complain that our feet hurt afterwards? They say good pair of shoes will take us to good places. And sneakers will not always work on everything… sneakers in fit long gown… i don’t think so.

PMSing and Red Tides

I’m referring to Pre Menstrual Syndrome. Sometimes we call it Pre Menstrual Tension. You hate it when we have those moodswings. We also hate it.

We hate it when we feel cannot move around comfortably. We cannot wear light colored shorts. We get paranoid that we will have stain of blood in our butts. We hate it when we feel the blood flow out like there’s a waterfall in our body.

We have the smell of blood. The cramps in our legs, in our stomach. We feel like there are million needles inside our body.Like bees stinging us over and over again. Sometimes we feel like we stink even if we really don’t. We feel gross. We experience headaches, nausea… Sometimes we feel something in our stomach, not knowing it if is just cramps or if we need to poo. They feel the same.

We’re having sleepless nights. We feel sick. We get emotional. We feel pain. So you don’t expect us to act happy and normal all the time.

You’re lucky that you just get circumcized once. But we have these red days until we reach our 50s. That you can wear the same pair of shoes in everything you wear, be it shirt, be it suit. You’re lucky that you wouldn’t experience that paranoia we get when we’re having bad days. You’re lucky that there isn’t a need to change your socks everyday. Guys don’t care about how other guys look, or if they wear the same clothes everyday… But girls do, they are like fashion police. You’re lucky that you can finish your shower in 5 minutes, you can get everything done. You would not exert so much effort in shampooing, rinsing and drying your hair… You don’t have bad hair days.

You complain that we are fragile and sensitive but you don’t know the feeling of being a woman. You have no idea how hard is it to deal with all those stuff that you think aren’t important. Try to switch lives with us. And you will not feel the same again about us.


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