How to Pronounce Geiger?

I realized just now that Teddy Geiger was just seventeen when i first heard him rock the house.  He was one of my favorite artists during my elementary days but I was not sure how to pronounce his last name so I just people that I liked Teddy’s music.

I am currently listening to one of my generation’s song, For you I will, not Monica’s but Teddy Geiger’s.

I was in elementary when I first saw his music video. He was musically gifted. He can play the guitar, the piano, the drums and he can sing. I never noticed his green eyes, until now. And I wonder whatever happened to him, where is he now? Does he still make music?

I’m not fangirling but I just love how good the music was, when singers can really sing and music is really music and not noise. I love music but it doesn’t love me. I know I can’t sing but sure I know if someone’s out of tune.

Remembering the times when boybands have great music in them, when they have good harmony and when their songs can really go timeless.

I’ve updated my playlist. I downloaded the songs from my generation, 90s and early 2000. I remember the time when I would ask my parents to buy me a cd of Westlife and A1 (NSYNC and Backstreet Boys). I went Head Over Heels for those bands, really. I even had posters of them on our house. And I always made it a point that my songbook was up to date.

They are not just musically gifted, they are also good looking people… and moreover, they are more decent compared to the present “boyband” whose members shamelessly take videos of themselves smoking weed and grabbing one another’s balls. Given the fact that they are being looked upon by the present generation. Total Shame.

I am not hating, I just don’t get the point of young people preferring these present bands and solo singers over one like Teddy Geiger or a band like Nsync. I don’t know if they do know what real music is or if they really do listen to the lyrics. I mean, how could “The way you smile at the crowd it ain’t hard to tell”, “Baby baby baby oh” and “i i love you like a love song baby, i i love you like a love song”, “shake it off, shake it off” beat “And you’re the place my life begins and you’ll be where it ends”? There’s no doubt that songs then have more meaningful lyrics.

I miss those times when singers are not autotune babies. When they can sing live and sound just as good as recorded. I just finished watching a clip of today’s singers singing live and 75% of them sounded out of tune, nasal, and some plain horrible. It’s just unfortunate to see today’s teenagers go head over heel over these guys.

But thanks to Neyo, Rascal Flatts and Ed Sheeran… They saved this generation’s music.

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