14 Months A Slave

There are times when I get really stressed out that I would want to consider quitting my job.

I am young. I started working full time last year and it felt like eternity already. I filed an indefinite leave, had a hiatus on my job, that was about five months but I kept the lines open just in case i would consider getting back to work. I thought things over and over again.

I get discomfort whenever my boss would call me or email me at 4 in the morning when he could just wait until office hours arrive. Or when he would ask me to call one of our staffs when he could do that himself. And when i can’t sleep thinking about those upcoming events outside the office that i really hate. Surely the job pays more than enough, considering my status, but it’s not always about the money.

And i am thinking,

Do i really need this job?

If i am selfish, then I would say no. But since I am a sister and a daughter, I would say yes.

There are questions in mind that I have answered a long time ago.

1. Why did I apply for the job?

Honestly, I just wanted a boredom fuel. My boyfriend was employed and i wasn’t so I thought of getting a job. I was bored and I needed something to kill time. I sent my CV’s all over and it was just by desperate measure that I got employed in my current job. I was motivated by him… Motivated by boredom and envy.

2. Why did I get the job?

I can’t really say that I got the job because of my skills. It was because of my connection. I’ve known my employer since I was college. I was employed right away, no examination, no interviews. JUST PURE CONNECTION. I have never tested my skill.

3. Do i like what I am doing?

Yes and No. I like doing accounting stuffs but i hate doing those administrative tasks. My job should be 75% accounting and 25% admin, not the other way around. I hate it when my tasks overlap. My head gets really crowded. I never had a normal day. It was always extreme. Either full of task that I can’t finish half of them in a day or nothing at all. I hate when i sit idly at the office, trying hard to kill the time.

4. Is this the my dream job?

Nope. I am a lazy ass. I am not a college material, nor a worthy employee. I admitted that long time ago. I don’t have a preference. I work because I have to, not because i dreamed of wearing corporate attires or going to the office.

5. Can I do this job for the rest of my life?

Nope. Workplace is hell. Paycheck is just the consolation. I never liked waking up at 7, preparing for work. I never liked receiving emails from my bosses or from their clients. I never liked eating alone in the canteen. I never liked the feeling of eternity whenever i am at the office. I am tired of watching the hands of the clock or hearing it ticking, me hoping that the day would already finish. I hate waking up the next morning doing the same things over and over again.

14 Months of Employment and I feel like a slave of my own job. I cannot even spend the weekends not checking emails from my Gmail account. I want a balance life. I want to enjoy my Saturdays… I want to wake up each morning feeling happy and motivated.

My job is killing me and I don’t want to die little by little. I don’t want to be imprisoned, I don’t want to be somebody else’s employee who works his ass out all day for a paycheck.

Yes I am young and I can still change my future. I want to be rich, not filthy rich, but I want to have those resources.

Mark Gawain said:

When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.

But at the end of the day, no matter how much you love what you’re doing, work is still work, a job is still a job that puts meals in your table.

I work for money and so I thought, why not let money work for me?

I remember how Warren Buffet spends his day at home. He’s there, watching television while eating popcorn. So i thought, I can be that. I can be like that one day. But the dilemma is,


As i have said, I am a lazy ass. I don’t see myself working hard for the rest of my life. What’s so common with those rich people life Buffet and Gates? Simple, they run their own business. They are ENTREPRENEURS.

I do have those entrepreneurial books, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “The Millionaire Next Door”, and “Snowball” but since not all people are fond of reading, including myself, I will just advise you to read this blog that made really good points when it comes to employment and entrepreneurship.

So my boyfriend provided me the link, the blog is written by Ali Mese and is entitled “How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up”. I had a negative impression upon reading the title but as I scrolled down, I was stunned with how points were made. The blog was quite amazing. (Please check link: https://medium.com/everything-about-startups-and-entrepreneurship/how-quitting-my-corporate-job-for-my-startup-dream-f-cked-my-life-up-3b6b3e29b318)

I agree with almost everything that he has written including how hard it is to make your own start up. It’s blood and sweat. But your hard work will surely pay off.

Entrepreneurs did not succeed at their first try. Like normal people, they fail, sometimes, big time. But what keeps them going is their motivation to run their own lives. Like me, they did not like the idea of being a slave in corporate world. Like them, I also want to have my own corporate world.

I am young and I have time, plenty of time.

SO what would I do?

First: Know what I want… 

I want to be rich.

Second: Make it possible

Think of something I can do for the rest of my life.

Third: Live the consequences

Nothing will be easy but keep on going

Fourth: Live my dream life

Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Fifth and Most Importantly: Be Happy.

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