Not My Cheetos Again

I heard a rustling sound somewhere inside my room. And I figured shortly what was going on. I had this unwanted visitor for the nth time.

I just moved into this apartment and a lot has changed in the past 3 months. I always had this sleeping disorder. I easily get awaken by movements, by light, by slight touch. I know it is normal to have increased sensitivity at night but mine isn’t normal anymore. I get 10x more sensitive when i was younger and now, it is even double.

I toss and turn can’t sleep at night, it’s worrying me… I go to bed turn out the lights, but your face I see. Brilliant lyrics by John Farnham. I am not getting sleepless nights because i was dumped, but because of  shitty rats. I always prefer sleeping in dark rooms but since rats like to stay in dark places, I always leave the light on. And I am trying too hard to catch my sleep and I can’t get it right every time.

A slight movement causes me paranoia. I will automatically get up whenever I hear a rustling sound on the floor, or on the wall or wherever. Sometimes I feel like i’m hallucinating thinking I heard something moved but in reality there really wasn’t. It’s just a total bummer. I couldn’t even get a 2 hour straight sleep.

I couldn’t enjoy my food. I keep them secured but they just know how to make an ambush. A f*cking rat ate my f*cking cheetos inside my f*cking bag. And my bag is there hung out and a fucking ratatouille rat which is not so cute managed to get in.

I couldn’t sleep without a blanked even if I am excessively sweating. I am afraid that a rat might bite me on my toe. If I could sleep with my shoes on, I would. I’m just f*ckin scared that I might die because of a f*ckin ratatouille rat!

I got so desperate one time that I asked the housekeeper to pour gasoline on the floor. I read somewhere that rats hate strong smell so I gave it a shot. I really want to expel my unwanted visitors and I am willing to take desperate measures. I never heard from them for a week and I was so relieved until later this afternoon. I feel nauseous a lot of times because the smell of the gasoline still lingers in my room. I thought it would get rid of the rats but it did not really… They were just on break.  And I fucking hate it. I want to f*cking sleep soundly.

They have been pestering me ever since the beginning and it’s time to get even with them. It’s time to bring back the morbid side of me. *Evil Grin

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