People Do Come and Go

The number of people who are willing to stay in your life decreases as you get older. That’s a fact.

It’s cool when you get to meet new faces, you get hang out with them and build friendship with them. I remember when I was young, I had friends on the street. We used to play after school hours and during weekends. We were young and innocent. We were simply happy. But we all parted ways as we grew older. We liked new things, we liked doing stuffs other than playing dodgeball and baseball, we liked to meet new people. So we grew apart.

I went to high school and made new friends. Thank God that I lived so far that I didn’t get the chance to invite them in our humble house (of course this is sarcastic). If i remember it right, there were just two instances in my entire highschool years when my classmates were able to visit me.  But I’ve made friends. I really did.

I went to college and again, I met new faces. I was not just stuck on one class. I met hundreds of people in one semester but I only made few lasting relationships. Few is better rather than none.

So i graduated college. None of my friends attended my thanksgiving celebration because basically, i lived in a far far away land. I remember one time that they said they’re coming but they did not. They stood me up. And I was there, waiting. The food was there on the table. I felt sorry for my grandma who prepared everything. It’s funny that when they invite me, most often, I will make it a point to meet them even if I have to travel that far. If you want something, you will exert best effort right?

Now I am working and I still live far. At times, I will dream of my friends and i will always leave a message on their phones asking how have they been, what’s going on, or a simple hi. And I don’t get responses. So I will just tell myself that maybe they are really busy that they cannot respond at the moment.

I am guilty of that as well. I cannot respond right away but i make it a point to send them apology messages for not responding at the end of the day.

And I will try to say hi to them the next time and reach out to them. Then again, i won’t get a response. F*ck. It’s not as if I am soliciting for money or asking for a favor.

I just miss my friends. That’s it. Now I am wondering if they are still or they WERE my friends.

So i guess, our friendship has already reached its expiration date. And it’s just sad.

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