License is Just a Piece of Paper After All

I was not in Section A in college, yeah once, after two months, I dropped my subjects. I never wanted to enter an A-class. I am not a genius and I don’t like being pressured, in a negative way, by the professors and hostile-jimmy neutron-like classmates. I don’t feel so belong. I don’t like studying. I often cut classes because I find them boring. I find school boring. But I finished my course.

I admit that I didn’t do well in school. I cut class and I had this habit of being absent once a week. I knew back then that I was not college material but still, I tried to finish college. I was not one of those students you will see reading their textbooks during breaks or discussing the previous lessons with their colleagues. I was one of those chill-type students who stay at the canteen eating baked macaroni and sipping iced cold coffee with jelly. I never attended group studies, it was always the booze nights. I was not one of those who graduated with A’s on their transcripts. I was one of those who are hopeful not to get failing grades. I was never on the Dean’s List. Yeah, I was certainly not the best. But one thing I am certain of, I was one of those who learned beyond the fundamentals taught in college.

My mother will always compare me to some of my batchmates. She will always tell me about the achievements of her friend’s daughter or the new CPA in town. Once she asked me why I was not a Dean’s Lister and how come this batchmate of mine was. I was not really offended because I don’t really mind if I am not. But for respect’s sake, I told her that the professors she had, the batchmate, are newbies and far more considerate. She never got to experience my terror professors who never hesitated giving us zeros on our exams. I could take those questions, but I couldn’t take the one time my mother offended me by asking “DO YOU WANT TO STAY JUST THAT WAY, DO YOU WANT TO JUST BE LIKE THAT?” I felt I was belittled by my own mother. She was pointing out to the fact that I don’t have the license.

I am not a Certified Public Accountant, not a Certified Accounting Technician, Certified Cost Accountant nor a Certified Bookkeeper, I don’t have a license. I was never an achiever during college and I never had any certifications. But I have my reasons why.

Not becoming a CPA is my choice. I opted to become a regular BS Accountancy Graduate. Truth is, I studied BSA because I wanted to become a lawyer. Simply put, it was supposedly my Pre-law course. I never aspired to become a one, that’s why I am not interested with the title. You know what’s even more funny? People admired me for being a BSA graduate but when they learned that I am not a CPA, I saw the disappointment in their faces. It’s as if all BSA graduates are destined to become CPAs. If I want to become one, I could simply become one. But since I don’t have the drive, just nevermind. It’s not on my plan.

What’s the difference of a CPA and a normal BSA Graduate? A fucking license… that will give you the opportunity to work in corporations. Yeah, i admit that having a license is definitely a killer, i mean, an edge to secure a high paying job. But you know what really is the difference? Nothing. I went through the same phase, I studied the fundamentals of accounting, I studied all the accounting subjects, I went through exams and ODs… I just didn’t take the exam to get a license… It’s just a piece of a laminated paper after all.

I am not a CPA but it doesn’t mean I’m no good. I never had the chance to get on stage and accept a medal, or be recognized on class, but those times when my batchmates were there trying to solve impairment and foreign exchange…

…I was already doing audit… in the workfield… I was already offered a job twice… and i was just a third year college student…

I don’t have those certificates but surely I have the skills. Academics is more on theory, but in life, people who have the skills will always be one step ahead. Personally, if I were an employer, I will choose someone who is skillful rather than academically gifted. Why? Academics can be learned but skills are innate. Everybody can draw cause we can learn that from school but not everyone can draw flawlessly. Only those born with it can nail that.

I am not a CPA but last time I checked, my CPA batchmates were there working at the biggest auditing firm in the country as assistants, on business attire, doing the photocopying of records for their bosses; While I, on the other hand, am chilling here at the office wearing shirt and pants, doing this entry at 2:45 PM, waiting for my paycheck. And by the way, I earn 50% more compared to my batchmates. I have no OTS, I work from 9am to 5pm with a lot of breaks in between and sometimes I work at the comfort of my home. So whatever happened to the magic of the license?

I am the type of person who doesn’t believe in paper achievements. I don’t think that the true worth of a person is measured by the certificates he possess or the titles on his name. They are just titles. I already learned that during my college years. Never be degraded because you’re not a certified something or you do not have MD or PhD embedded in your name. Even if you’re living in a world who hails labels, do not let the world define your worth.

Be inspired with those non achievers but aimed to be full fledged in their careers in their own way. It doesn’t take titles and worthless paper to do that. Gusteau from the movie Ratatouille said:

You must be imaginative, strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work, and you must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul. What I say is true – anyone can cook… but only the fearless can be great.

Life offers no guarantees. This is what I learned. Just because you’re on the top during college, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be the most successful among your batchmates. And just because you were one of those who almost flunk a lot of times like me, doesn’t mean you’re going nowhere. Remember, not everybody can be successful, but a successful man can come from anyone, from anywhere.

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