Guess Who is this Celebrity Single Mom Who is not Giving Up on Ex Boyfriend

It has been my daily habit to read news on Yahoo Philippines and guess what? Featured articles are piece of shit.

Like this morning, instead of posting articles about the allegedly coming of ISIS here in the Philippines, the writer opted to write about this single mom who is not closing her door to her ex boyfriend. Like, What the Fuck? Why would the Filipino public care if they get back together? I don’t know why you keep on featuring articles about the issues of Filipino Celebrities. Yes, a lot of Filipinos are so much into showbiz industry (show business) but just a reminder, not all Filipinos would buy your bullshit articles about this guy having trouble remembering how many children he has or this celebrity spotted on the rival station.So if celebs issues were solved and all questions answered, what comes after? Will this benefit the public? Hell no. This is why I would rather go straight on the comment section rather than read the nonsense article itself.

Why not feature articles about newly opened businesses in the Philippines or about good places to invest or how to make use of your money wisely? Why not write articles that could feed the mind of the readers? It was always about the celebrities and fashion and entertainment. A five minute video of life hack on youtube is 10x better. At least, at the end of each episode, I will learn something useful.

Editor’s note:Yahoo Philippines encourages responsible comments that add dimension to the discussion. No bashing or hate speech, please. You can express your opinion without slamming others or making derogatory remarks.

The only thing that keeps me coming back to Yahoo PH is the comment section. But I have a few questions to ask,

First: Do you read your readers’ comments? I doubt that you review the comments, because if you do, you will learn that your readers are getting sick of your irrelevant articles.

Second: I did not study Journalism or anything related to that, but what I know is you have to proofread your articles before publishing them. Why do I see so many typographical and grammatical errors? I am not perfect when it comes to writing and I can assure you that I too have grammar lapses. But your case is different, you are writing on behalf of the whole Philippines and your reader is the whole Filipino public. You cannot get rid of the grammar nazis. They are everywhere.

Third: What kind of comments are you expecting from scandals and celebrity issues? Love and support from readers? Hell no. You know why are there so much bashing and hating? Because first, your article is a trash and in return, you will receive trash talks. Second, responsible comments will come from learned men and no learned man will waste his time on other people’s issues. Third, dumb articles beget dumb readers and dumb comments.

Am I bashing? Yes, a 100%. But I am not the problem here; the problem is your focus. Why not try to look around and see that there’s so much going on. People starve, crimes getting more brutal, corrupt officials, new businesses, innovations, unacknowledged heroes, new job offers, ways to save energy, young entrepreneurs, inventions, life hacks. There’s so much more to life than celebrity issues.

The Filipino public is not ignorant and as a member of the public, I am expecting quality, relevant news, not trash, especially from big names like you. It’s true that you should give your audience what they want, but we want something informative, something that we can use in our daily lives. Entertainment is not at the top of our list. We need something that is worthwhile reading. Let’s move on.

You just do not dwell on something that you’re comfortable with. I know it is easier to write stories about this celebrity teenager getting pregnant but it’s not helpful at all. I would rather want to see an article about teenage pregnancy.You’re serving the Filipino public and we deserve the best. Do your job right and you’ll get the respect and recognition you deserve as well.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

                                                                                                                          -Eleanor Roosevelt


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