Who is Jennifer Laude?

I have been hearing news about Jennifer Laude since Tuesday night and I wonder, who is this Jennifer Laude who’s trending not just on TVs but also in Social Media. So I have read articles about the above-mentioned thinking that the case will be a bit interesting.

Jennifer “Jerry” Laude is a transgender woman who was allegedly murdered by United States Marine, Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton last Saturday. They reportedly met at a nightclub and the marine did not know he (Jennifer) was transgender until they were alone together in a hotel room at the Celzone Lodge, where he (Jennifer) was found strangled to death shortly after.

Sigh. Another murder case that went huge because of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) issue. Protests have been arising from here to there. In fact, the case is a simple murder that went complicated because of the various factors such as gender and citizenship. Since the murderer is a US Citizen, under the Visiting Forces Agreement, the custody of the erring soldier stays with the Americans and the Philippines cannot do anything about it.

Personally, I do think that the case is just like the other murder cases. I just don’t get the point of making it trend worldwide. First and foremost, the root of the case is not about the gender of Jennifer. It was about the Fraud committed. I don’t think that the case has something to do with the LGBT so there’s no need to create a fuss about it.

Let’s say that you were the guy and you found out that the person you were hanging with, or let’s make it more intense, you slept with is a transgender, (I have nothing against transgenders) and you really had no idea, you will probably feel stunned right? It’s like you unknowingly slept with a guy. And what will be your first step, walk out of the door? Probably. Kick his ass? Probably. But in this case, it’s safe to say that the marine lost his control and he poured out his anger by strangling the transgender. Let’s not forget that when a person is mad, there are endless possibilities of the things that he could do.

I am not saying that the marine should be released, what I am pointing out is that both the victim and the murderer has a share in the murder. Both are victims and murderers on their own. (Not being literal)

Though the act was consensual, there was a mistake that was already committed beforehand. Jennifer was already engaged to his boyfriend. The issue is that he became unfaithful. If he treasured his relationship with his fiance, he would not be heading to the hotel with the marine, he would still be alive. The root is infidelity.

They met at the bar, most likely, they had a few drinks already. Jennifer had the chance to tell the marine that he is a transgender woman, but he didn’t. Maybe he was either afraid that the guy would stop hanging out with him if he finds out, or he really had the plan to trick the guy. And since he looked like a girl and they gave each other the eye, the marine grabbed the opportunity. The root is dishonesty. And even if the marine did not ask, he was still expected to tell the marine about him being a transgender. He concealed the fact that he is a man. He didn’t do anything about it so the marine was never suspicious. Sin of Omission. The death can be prevented if he was able to put his act together with decency and respect, first for himself, second respect to his fiance.

The marine found out that he is indeed transgender so he allegedly murdered Jennifer by strangulation. As if his manhood was robbed. Yes, he probably lost his head and I do think that his pride and ego were damaged, but still, he has no right to kill, whatever the reason may be. (Unless for self defense)

There are common social issues in this case that must be fixed. I am just frustrated that a lot fail to see the other side of the story. I feel sorry for the death of Jennifer and I feel sorry for the damaged pride of the marine. But to clear things, Jennifer being a transgender is not the real issue and transgenders are not the subject of discrimination and bullying in the Philippines. And we do not hate you for being a part of the LGBT. What the people condemn is the act and the indecent behavior that others show. (not limited to LGBT, but to all men and women)

All men are treated equally and justice sees no gender. The crime is rooted in the concealment of truth, robbery, sin of the flesh, and infidelity. Same reasons for other crimes committed by husband and wives, friends, classmates and strangers. Young and old, men and women, lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgenders.

Did Jennifer threaten to expose that the marine slept with him? Did the marine just simply kill Jennifer? Or was it just a BDSM play gone wrong? Nobody knows what really happened inside the hotel room so we have no right to judge and we cannot conclude.

The crime is open ended. What I am certain of is that both were victim of separate crime. One was tricked for a sexual act and one was murdered. And I must say that they are paying the price of their own crimes. I am hoping that justice will be served to those who really deserve it.


9 thoughts on “Who is Jennifer Laude?

  1. Crime of Murder had been committed. The way i see, it is murder by drawning. I don”t see any exempting/justifying circumstance. mitigating for being a transgender, fraud for hiding that she is a man? Well, it could be an impulse so powerful as naturally produced passion or obfuscation. But still ……. murder lower by one degree.

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    1. Did i write the entry to justify the murder? No.

      I clearly pointed that out on one of the paragraphs:

      The marine found out that he is indeed transgender so he allegedly murdered Jennifer by strangulation. As if his manhood was robbed. Yes, he probably lost his head and I do think that his pride and ego were damaged, but still, he has no right to kill, whatever the reason may be.

      The entry is about looking at both side’s fault.


  2. I know Jennifer,I was her neighbor..I knew her family….often I was texted by her to come bring her home from an assualt she suffered at the hands of a male ,American military person..most tried to rape her ,unknowing she was a ladyboy (as she preferred to be known as)..I am an american having lived in Olongapo for 5 years ..all the time I knew her ,she never concealled her true gender to people she met..they all knew before hand..this Man knew also..this man should be given his punishment…..Rest IN Peace

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    1. Thank you for the comment. As I have said, nobody knew what really happened inside the hotel/motel, whatever it is called, so we both cannot conclude and we do not know the root of the crime. Everything is hypothetical. All I am sure of is that there was murder and i agree with you that the man should be given his due punishment.


  3. It is not a crime to be transgendered and not tell the guy that has been making out with you that you have a penis. The crime is the gay bashing that goes on in the Marine Corps to this day. It foments this kind of reaction.

    Years ago, I found myself in a taxi with some marines in Japan. A marine killed a gay guy in the bathroom of a club a few days earlier. My fellow passengers were gloating over it, but felt the Marine was unjustly charged with murder. I tried to explain that the fact that the victim was gay is not a defense for murder. Then, one young marine accused me of being gay and was getting ready to attack me.

    There is a very sick mentality being taught to our young soldiers and marines that makes them think it okay to do things like this.

    USN (retired)

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    1. Hi, Let me just clarify myself.

      First and foremost, I don’t remember writing that being a transgender and not telling someone that you are one is a crime. If the whole entry is taken out of context, yeah, it will result to that.

      Second, I am not justifying or defending either of the two persons involved in the incident. The point of the whole entry is to be fair in every judgment.

      Third, discrimination, bashing, (etc) of LGBT or anyone, i am against it.

      Lastly, Thank you for the insights.



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