Fuck. My bestfriend’s expression when he is annoyed.

Fucking Shit. My bestfriend’s expression when he is mad.

Fucking Shit Ass. My bestfriend’s expression when he is livid, incoherent-with-rage, absolutely-outraged, maenad-like, white-hot, maniacally-enraged, ernraged, furious, mad, angry. LOL.

I was really upset when I told him about what happened in our house a while ago when he blurted his Fucking Shit Ass expression. I ain’t gonna lie, it absolutely made my day. Though I know he was really furious, I couldn’t help but laugh.

It’s not very common that he will curse over something but when he does, it just means that his emotions are extreme. How did I know? I just know because we get to talk every single day.

Actually, we were not really best friends at first. We were friends then we became more than friends. And whoever said that boyfriends and girlfriends cannot become best friends, I’ll prove you wrong.

I am not going to write the details of how we met or what happened in our relationship. I will just try to introduce my loving best friend to you.

You will never find someone like him in every million years. He is not the typical guy you will meet on the streets.

He doesn’t like going out. One time we talked about doing an article or a project about the Advantages of Being an Introvert. We are both introverts. But he is the more introvert one. In fact, I am the one who always tells him to go out and buy his food. And he will get depressed because he doesn’t really like going out. Sometimes he will just settle on crackers. But good thing he improved lately. LOL. He manages to get himself out of his hideout.

He works at 1, 2 or 3am when in fact he’s got the whole day to spend. I always wonder why does he need to get up at 3 when he could just do his task at 6. He is one of the most workaholic person you will ever meet. He works 14-16 hours a day, sometimes he asks for over-overtime. I cannot imagine myself working my ass off longer than 8 hours. How could he? LOL. He’s a superhuman.

He spends an hour on every meal. (when i, on the other hand, could finish my meal in 5 minutes). Sometimes he will extend his breaktime for another 10 minutes because he isn’t done yet. But I have no objections.

He likes to tease. Since we talk with each other a lot, he will always make fun of me. He even made up stories about me marrying this guy, or this girl dying because she is sick (He is just exaggerating, the girl’s really not dying), or this girl seeking for revenge, or this girl who is according to him my girlfriend. LOL. I always become the subject of fun.

He makes up his own song then he will accuse me of cheating. We always play this one game. I will start a song and he will continue singing another song but given, he will use the last word of the song I sang. Since he’s good in music, he will make up his own lyrics and I on the other hand will fall into his trap. LOL. I really cannot distinguish if the song is real or not until he laughs.

He always tells me that “porke hindi mo alam, hindi na totoo” (He is like saying me that I should stop being judgmental, that this is not always true: Not being aware of the existence of something renders it unreal) everytime he tells me about a certain breed of fish or flower. But he will always tell me at the end of the game that he just really created those breeds out of his imagination.

He tells me I am a guy and that I should stop acting like a girl. (But I am a girl. LOL)

He likes singing… he likes it bigtime. He says if ever he will be reincarnated, he will wish to become a singer.

He says he is boring but he really isn’t. He is actually fun and playful.

As you can see, I love my best friend a bunch that I am actually making an entry about him. It’s rare that you will find a person who will actually see the ugly side of you but will stay and love you even at your worst.

Here’s the serious part:

Though we ended up as best friends and not lovers, I can say that my relationship with you was the best so far. Even if you never liked the fact that I am calling you my boyfriend (and we broke up last year) and you know how i feel about you, you never failed to show me how important I am to you.

You get jealous of my other best friends and I find that pretty cute but I can assure you that you are the only person who showed me the real meaning of being a “Best Friend”. You are the only person who stayed on my darkest hours. You know all my agonies. You know my imperfections but you didn’t hate me for that. You are still the person I met 3 years ago, you did not change a bit.

You let me enter into your world. The world which is restricted to humans. LOL. But seriously, even if you have trust issues, you still gave me the chance to get to know the real you. I am grateful for the times you shared your life with me. I appreciate that a lot.

You shared with my joys and pains. You even cursed Fucking Shit Ass. (Can’t get over it) You know how much I love you right? Rest assured I will share in your joys and pains as well. Cry harder and Hit harder. LOL.

You’re my best friend for eternity. Cross my heart and hope to die. Ill be here for you always. 🙂

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