Guide to Life

Although you’re in the world of changes, it does not necessarily mean you have to change too. Live your own life, save your identity, and most especially follow your perspective.

God has made man in his image and likeness. They say that God is good and unique; therefore, every man is unique and every man is born with natural goodness.

People may find you weird. They may question your existence but do not let them influence your living. They will try to put you down. There will be endless pressures and they will try to stop you from doing what you have to do or from living who you want to be. But you have to live your own life. You solely know what will make you happy so you have to take the risk in order find genuine happiness.

“And up until now I had sworn to myself that I’m content with loneliness… because none of it was ever worth the risk.”

I remembered hearing this song by the band Paramore. The song seems so intense as if written for a fall-guy who is already surrendering the battle for the nth time. It’s like everything seemed to fall apart, and people came and left him lonely.

But as the song continued with the line “but darling you are the only exception” you will soon realize the mellifluous message of having something worth taking the risk.

Isn’t it nice to have something that will force you to accept the challenge and I call it “pressure”? The exception that will supersede the fear of losing the battle.

But when I say pressure, I do not necessarily refer to a particular person. It can be something of value. Something that stands as a reason for you to engage in the venture.

I’ve experienced a lot of downfalls but my pressure compels me to just keep going. I have no idea of the consequences that await me, surreal at it may sound, and I know everything will be rewarded.

Juxtapose reality and dream, and counterbalance pain with gain. You have to use your pressure and it will sustain you. You have to know that life is a suspense movie, not a fairy-tale. Managing the risks that accompany it will make life more exciting.

Spice up life with surprises and sweeten it with your pressure.

Be aware the in everything you do, there will always be an exception and consider this as an enough reason for you to continue your expedition. Live free, life is precious.

There will always be gossips… but you should never be affected, hence, be thankful because those prove that you are existing. Remember, cheap talks are also parts of publicity. Bullshit as it may seem but that’s reality. People are people, wordy but seldom witty.

Oftentimes, you’ll be in the center zone of an insane world. Zits, hormones, pressures, crises, experiences that will surely perplex an innocent mind. You will sometimes be moved by these, but hold on to your principles, remember who you are and who you should be, and who you want to be.

You will feel tension when it comes to making decisions. Which is right and which is wrong. What is right for you may not be right for others. You may find it complicated but what’s crucial is the fact that you are making decisions out of your own effective and sound judgment. Best efforts exerted and selfless consideration given.

Respect if you want to be respected. Do not cross the line. People are born with differences. Know your difference, know your boundary. Do not expect everybody to ride with your jokes. Not everybody is entertaining, not everybody is happy-go-lucky. Not everybody is jackass. Remember the word difference and give due respect. What you give is what you get… oftentimes.

It is okay to say “I do not care” sometimes, if that’s the only way to teach independence. But never fail to show those important to you that you do care in your own ways.

Everyone is interconnected, thus, interdependent. But do not be too dependent on someone who you will submit everything to him. Submission to someone will never be right. Find a person who will motivate you and inspire and walk with you in your journey. God is the creator and you’re the creation. Walk your path in accordance to his wills. Be independent, but, not too self-centred.

Do not wish hatred on someone. You may be liked, you may be hated but being sarcastic is not an option. Always do well on others, even if they hurt you. It’s up to them to realize your worth. Goodness is a virtue… you cannot love everybody. But you can at least be good to them. I know this is hard but at least you can try, much better to act on it. There’s no try, it’s just do or don’t.  I will not lie, I have been trying not to hold grudge on people and it really challenges me.

Leave your footprints. Create your mark. Everyone is capable in doing so. Remember that you are given a unique name. And you have to use this name in making a difference. Name means identity. Everyone is entitled of individual identity. God gave life, you are an INDIVIDUAL, blessed and given dominion. Be thankful. God is good.

So simple to say yet hard to execute. The challenge here is to create your own guidelines. Create and live on them. 🙂

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