Totally Spy

Sharing the same room with a younger sibling is both annoying and fun. I totally despise the fact that I don’t have a room of my own. But recently, I discovered something about my sister that caught my attention.

For the past few months, my younger sister has been staying on my parents room and to my surprise, when I went home for the weekend, she sneaked into our room late that night. Of course I kept the door unlock just in case she wants to share the room with me.

I woke up at 11pm because I felt the need to pee. I overheard her conversation with somebody on her cellphone. I was kind of groggy but it was very clear to me that I have heard a guy’s voice. I didn’t want to listen to their conversation but since I found that incident very interesting, I pretended the whole time that I was asleep but the truth is I was just listening keenly.

It was the first time I heard her speak like that, as if she’s going to eat the guy alive. She’s been the bubbly, always kidding around type of sister, but when it came to the guy, she was silent. She was just listening the whole time. What is clear to me is that something strange is going on. The guy was apologizing to her and all she said was ok and she told the guy that she was running out of battery. You know if she didn’t want to talk to the guy, she could just decline the call in the first place. I thought she already ended the call because she left her phone on the bed and went out of the room. To my surprise, she came back bringing her charger and spoke to the guy again. I was like, what the heck is going on?

And they continued talking and she asked the guy that she already want to sleep because it’s 12. Yeah, I listened to their one hour conversation trying hard not to pee on the bed. LOL. After she dropped the call, I pulled out the best actress, just woke up face, I’m too sleepy but I need to get to the bathroom act. I walked in zigzags as if i’m out of balanced but the truth is I was wide wide awake. I rushed to the bathroom and released that yellow liquid. ROFL. It’s nice to pee at midnight because you really don’t know what you are about to discover.

I was uneasy the whole night because I knew I needed to tell my bff about that. He is the first person that pops on my mind when I discover very intriguing things.  I wanted to give him a call rightaway but I didn’t because primarily, he wouldn’t wake up, secondly, my sister is still awake and texting. He would love what I will tell him. He likes it when I tell him about my family. I was totally excited.

So I spied on my sister. I know what I did was wrong but I was really really curious. She took a nap but she left her phone on the living room. I checked her call logs and I saw this unfamiliar name. I never heard of the guy’s name until now. I was not interested on her inbox, what caught my attention was her messages on sent box. And I laughed out loud when I saw her message for the guy, CCd to herself… Lots of curse. I mean lots and lots of curse for the guy. And I was like, my younger sister has a dirty little secret!

What is clear to me is that the guy poked fun at my sister and she, in return, wanted to hit the guy harder. If I just know the real happening, that would be real EPIC. She’s my sister after all, considering the curses. That is so me.

Instead of pitying her for what the guy did, I just made fun of the situation. My sister is tough, I know she can get through that heartbreak alive. The next morning, I was singing break up songs such as cry me a river and karma. You know, some kind of tease but she doesn’t give a shit about me making a playlist of heart breaker songs. She’s a good pretender. But I know she was hurt.

I wanted to know who the guy was so I searched his name. He was just the okay guy. Not handsome at all, does not look manly, very skinny, well actually he looks dumb… I am not being bias… These were all based on his posts.

He said he is a gamer and a player. Well obviously he is. He made fun of my sister. I am not just quite sure why he has a lot of followers. Compliments were all over his page and I was like, Okay. These people are not good judge of characters. They are praising the wrong guy.

I don’t like the guy. And I will never like him for my sister even if he kneels down on grains of salt or thumbtacks. No elder sister will enjoy watching her younger sister being played at by a stupid guy.

I am not really close with my sister and we do not talk about personal things especially relationships. If I did not overhear her, I will not have the slightest idea that she had a boyfriend or m.u. or whatever you call that. I maybe silent but I care. In fact I thought of making fun of the guy. I wanted him to take a dose of his own medicine. I am still considering it but for now, I will just let my sister do whatever she wants. I will wait for the day when she can avenge herself.

As the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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