Normally, people will always have birthday wishes for themselves on their birthdays. But I, on contrary, for the longest time, never wished for anything on my birthday.

It’s my day today. I have aged a year again. LOL. Nothing is really special on this day except for the people who extended their greetings to me since last night. I wasn’t expecting people to remember my day but there are few who really made this day a memorable one.

I went to bed early last night, i think at 7:30 pm and my best friend called me at 11:30 pm. I know he was uncomfortable talking because somebody’s beside him and he was just whispering and i kept on asking him to repeat everything that he said. Usually, he will stay awake for just about 10 minutes and sleep afterwards but he waited until the hands of the clock struck 12 and he greeted me a Happy Birthday. I love the fact that he managed to keep himself awake just to be able to greet me at exactly 12. To my bestfriend, thank you so much for your effort. Do not feel bad. Your presence is more than enough. I don’t need any tangible gift, you are more than any gift. It is a blessing to have you. You are the sweetest. You are the best!

My father was the second one to greet me, sending me a message at 12:30 am. He was out for work. Though we argue a lot, i know deep in my heart that he wants the best for me.

My mom did not greet me a happy birthday but she accompanied me to the parish church this morning. She may not have spoken the words but I know that she wishes me a happy birthday.

My sister bought me a Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks with a greeting. I am not a fan but I appreciate her effort. She should have just saved her P185 instead of buying me a beverage. But I thanked her anyway.

My grandmother and grandfather greeted me this morning. My grandmother kissed me on the cheek after mass, giving me lipstick stain. LOL.

I also received greetings from my friends. Those two friends I had a rift with last year. I did not expect them to greet me because they did not last year. But since all is patched up already, we are all back to the normal friends.

From my twin. We have the same birthday and we never failed to greet each other since gradeschool.

From my aunties and uncles. They greeted me about 20 times. It was really fun.

From my other grannies and aunt. Those who took care of me during college.

From one of my highschool buddy. She was the only classmate who greeted me.

Honestly, I was not expecting that a lot will greet me on my birthday. I opened my facebook account and I was right, there were no greetings. LOL. But I really do not care because the most important persons in my life are already here.

I do not wish anything for myself but I do wish a lot for my loved ones.

It is very often that I pray to God and ask. But I everytime I do, it is always them, that I pray for.

I am thankful that I am now starting the 23rd year of my life but I am more thankful that I have met the most wonderful people in the whole wide world.

I wish that God continue to guide my friends in everything that they do. That they may live everyday and enjoy every minute of it.

I wish that God will protect my family at all times. That they will find peace everyday. That they will learn how to share love and joy to every member of the family. That we may be able to stick together till the end.

I wish that God will protect my best friend at all times. That he may be showered with more blessings and that he may be granted his heart’s desire for he truly deserves the best things in the world.

Ultimately, I wish the special people in my life LOVE and HAPPINESS. Happy Birthday to Me… And HAPPINESS to me loves!

Happy Eating

They say that you will never experience the Philippines if you will not try its dishes and delicacies. I have been seeing posts about Filipino food, be it on youtube or blogs. Reactions are always mixed whenever tourists see some of the most exotic delicacies offered in the Philippines. Not just exotic food, even the most common dishes.

I remember reading a blog bitching the Filipino cuisine, the traveler who said that she’d rather go hungry than eat the filipino food again outraged the Filipinos and in defense, bloggers made their own blogs.

I, too, found the traveler a personification of an ungrateful house guest. Yes she (the traveler) is entitled to her own opinion but she could’ve made constructive criticisms. Food is part of the culture and an integral part of the filipino community. So if you bitch the food, you also bitch the whole filipino community.

Anyway, I am not here to defend the filipino cuisine from foreign tongues, i am here to introduce some of the most delicious dishes served in the Philippines.

Pork Adobo

Adobo. Who doesn’t like adobo? Pork adobo, chicken adobo, fish adobo and even vegetable adobo. Who could resist the salty, soury, sweet, spicy, taste it offers? With the potato on the side, sometimes with pineapple, you will get a taste of heaven in every bite. Unlike other dishes, the longer it stays on the fridge, the better-tasting it becomes.


Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savoury taste most often associated with tamarind (Filipino: sampalok). Two of my favorites are sinigang na baboy (pork) and sinigang na hipon (shrimp/prawn). In some places, they use meat and fish and other flavorings, mango, kamias, tomato, santol, guava and anything that tastes sour. Aside from the meat, there are also vegetables in the dish: eggplant, okra, kangkong, gabi. It tastes much better when reheated because the gabi melts with the stew. 🙂


Rellenong bangus (stuffed milk fish). Health conscious? I present to you one of the most healthful food in the Philippines. This food is stuffed with fish and vegetables. You can do your own sauce but it tastes better with ketchup (catsup) or you can eat it just like how it is served.


Laing (or Natong) is a spicy dish that is Coconut milk (or cream) based with dried taro leaves. This originated from the Philippine’s Bicol region (south most part of Luzon island). Because of its really great taste and budget friendly cost, this dish became well known. I don’t like eating leafy dishes but this one is an exception. I fall head over heels for this dish.


Sizzling sisig, a  dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver, usually seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. This is often served in a sizzling plate and you will hear sizzling sounds as the waiter places the plate in your table. Best served with beer also.


Balut (developing duck embryo), this is not a dish but some creative pinoys made some balut specialities. Personally I don’t eat balut but I am not one of those people who think that it is disgusting. It is exotic but not disgusting like how some foreigner see it to be. It doesn’t look appealing or “restauranty”, but for some filipinos and other tourists, it tastes so much better than how it looks. Even David Cook wanted to give it a try when he visited the Philippines a couple of years ago. As a matter of fact there is this saying that this food will strengthen your knees, maybe that’s also one reason why Filipinos love eating balut.


Kamaru, or mole crickets, which are plentiful in Pampanga, are considered a Kapampangan delicacy. It is often made into adobo, but can also be served deep fried. Several restaurants in Pampanga serve this dish, including Everybody’s Café in San Fernando.

We have a long list of Filipino dishes because we, Filipinos, are naturally food lover. We love munching be it Filipino food, American, Italian. We do find some food awkward tasting but we appreciate them and we do not diss.

That Side of Me

We all have two sides, one side that everybody knows and the other side that either you alone or few people know.

As for me, there is only one person whom I show the craziest side of me. It’s my best friend.

We’ve known each other for less than four years now and believe it or not, it’s like we have known each other forever. We are the closest as if we grew together when we were kids.

Everything happened in the most usual way. Who would have thought that ex lovers will become the best of friends?

Yeah, we were ex lovers. But thank God we had this strong bond that even romantic separation could not break.

What’s funny is that when we talk, we can be anything and we can talk about everything. I am comfortable talking about serious and not so serious stuffs with him. I can tell him the craziest things that I have done and vice versa.

Isn’t it nice to have a best friend who both agree and disagree in your opinions. Sometimes we say the same phrases at the same time. And sometimes we disagree completely about each own’s religions and opinions. He likes debating with me. He likes arguing about something. But at the end of the day, we will manage to meet halfway. We respect each other’s point of views but we still stand on our own principles.

Politics. One topic that people of our ages wouldn’t want to talk about. They find it a big mess. But we like talking about it. We like talking about the government, the corrupt officials, the projects and everything. We like talking about the president but we always make it a point that we are fair in everything that we say. Politics is such a terrible subject for other people, but for us, it’s one of the best topics to discuss. Though we are not engaged in politics, and our fields are miles away from it, we still find it interesting.Why? Simply because we like talking about things that people won’t.

Faith and Religion. This is a sensitive topic, we all know that. Since the beginning, we had different belief about it. And last night, we talked about it for the nth time. Years had passed and we still don’t have the same belief. What’s amazing is that even if he believes in God and Divine Intervention and I don’t, we still give each other faith and hope. I learned to embrace his beliefs without losing mine.

Dreams and Aspirations. Yeah yeah. One cannot have everything. Of course people will never be contented with what they have. Though we are happy with our own skin, both of us still wish about the things we don’t have and we cannot do. For example, I am tone deaf and I really want to sing but I sing so bad. He, on the other hand, sings pretty well but he wishes that if he is reincarnated, he will be born a black singer and a basketball player.

We both dream of being CEOs of our own companies. We even made the floor plan of our future restaurant. LOL. Not only that, we made the list of our future endorsers. We like dreaming big.

Celebrities. It is very seldom that I talk about celebrities and it doesn’t look like we both give a shit about other people’s lives. But sometimes, when we feel like talking about fun matters, we will bring up the topic about our favorite Filipino Love team, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin, who we tenderly call Ate Jolens and Kuya Marvin. (He called them those names first and I just immitated him)

Of all the people I know, he is the last person I will expect to know these celebrities. For sure he is educated in politics and religion and mathematics and science, but showbusiness, that was unexpected. He even linked a clip of them saying the famous line, OH YES, KAIBIGAN MO LANG AKO. (with the song “nanghihinayang” on the background). We like that movie line very much. I will never get tired of re enacting it over and over again. LOL.

Music. He loves music so much that he has the gift of learning the song by just listening to it a few times and reading the lyrics. He is gifted when it comes to words. He taught me the first line of when you’re looking like that. “She’s a 5 foot ten in catsuit and bambi eyes” and i was like, what? I always skip that first line cause I don’t know the words hahahaha. and now whenever we sing that song, I always volunteer to sing first.

Bullying people. We bully people but of course it’s just between the two of us. Everybody is guilty of talking about other people and we are no exception. We even bully each other. Just to be fair. LOL.

And of course, we talk about our experiences in life. Personal experiences. We share the part of us that we haven’t shared to anybody else before. He is my confidant and he knows me very well. I share to him my deepest thoughts, my frustrations about the world, my fragile moments. And he, in return, embraces me inside his world. I am comfortable with him in every single way. I can even say the P and the D word, or sex, or fuck, or whatever cause I know he wouldn’t mind and I can trust him. And for sure, he can trust me with everything.

I don’t believe in God’s intervention, but if he is the mastermind of my life, then I thank him for sharing with me one of his angels, my best friend..

Age Doesn’t Really Matter (2)

I didn’t find younger guys attractive (I dated one) until I met him.

I was starting to like him and it felt really awkward that I am already an old granny and I am quite attracted to a younger guy. LOL. That was one reason why I didn’t want to take it to the next level. I felt old. I felt like I was not made for younger guys.

But it just felt like magic. Last time I knew was I fell for him so hard.

Age doesn’t really matter. Maybe I was born before he was but it doesn’t necessarily mean that my soul is older. I mean, he has an old soul. He is quite mature and I am the childish one.

I never appreciated me being old until he told me that he liked older girls. And there I was, tingling from head to toe. hahaha. He said older girls are hot. And I was like, yeah man.

I am an old granny already. I don’t know what’s up with the generation today. In fact I am trapped in the 90s. I don’t know the latest songs cause I am so old school. I am not familiar with the artists today. When teens sing songs, I am like, “is that a new song?” and they will answer me, “no. song five years ago.” But I know the songs from the 70s and 80s. I like being old now, really.

I was older and I have younger siblings. Being the eldest, I had the obligation to look after my siblings. Definitely, since he was younger, I also treated him like how I treated my siblings. (not literally. i like him so there’s malice) But the care I showed him was really genuine. Maybe that’s why he liked older girls. Cause older girls sure know how to take care of the guys they like. He was like my baby. :3

He would always tease me that I am already old. And he would always ask me to tell him the perks of being old. Yeah, I am not proud of my age but I am proud that I play a lot of role. Sometimes I am like a girlfriend to him, sometimes I am like a mom, sometimes a sister, but most of the times, girl best friend. I love being ahead of him. I feel so good whenever he will appreciate the attention I am giving him. When he gets sick, I take care of him as if I am his mom. When he is sad, I cheer him up as if I am his girlfriend. When he feels down, I lift him up and give him pieces of advice like his own elder sister. And when he feels lonely, I give him company and understand him as his girl best friend.

We went steady for quite some time. Thank goodness I was born ahead of him. It was one reason why he liked me. He finds older women hot. LOL. Older women are independent, he said, and they are dominant. He likes those traits. He likes it when there’s a good debate going on. He finds an older, fighter woman extremely attractive.

I don’t have an idea about the internet slang and it’s one sign that I am old already. LOL. I feel stupid sometimes that I still have to google unfamiliar words or abbreviations to me like, “meh” and “smh”. And I wonder, what the heck is happening to today’s vocabulary? Are these even words? O.o

He will always laugh at me because I am an old granny. He will always say that I am 5 years older. (But I am not) I don’t feel like being a pedo honestly. I think we’re just of the same age. It doesn’t really feel like he’s younger. It’s more like we’re on the same thinking. We enjoy the same stuff. We talk about 80s and 90s music. We like the old bands and songs.

And in experience wise, he’s got more than I got. I thought I have gone through a lot of troubles and challenges already. I thought I can inspire him with my life story because basically, I have lived longer that him. But the moment he started talking about his life, I was amazed. He maybe younger but he has a vast experience. I couldn’t teach him anything at all. It was him who taught me a lot. In almost every aspect.

He made me realize that you can learn a lot from young people… And he is one in those young people that will make your jaw drop because of his wit. He may be younger but I admire him a lot. It’s not very often that I notice young guys… But he is one of a kind. He is one in a million.

He may be younger but he brought the side of me that I have never shown to anybody. LOL. I became a woman because of him. He may be younger, but I assure you, he will make you melt. He’s like the sun. Burning hot.

I thought being old is bad but it isn’t that bad especially when someone will still like you even if your age is not on the calendar anymore. I despise the fact that one day people will find me unattractive anymore and it has begun already. I am losing some marketability. LOL. But because of him being around, I don’t feel too bad whenever another year is added again on my age.

Age Doesn’t Really Matter

When I was younger, I always lie about my age to strangers. Instead of telling them that I am younger than my real age, I tell them that I am old already. I add as much as 8 years to my real age.

When I was 16, I wanted to be 24 already. I felt like it’s cool to be on my twenties. I remember one time when I was at the mall and a guy asked me about my age, i told him I was 24 when in reality, I was only 17 then. Obviously he did not believe me because I look so much younger than 24. I don’t know, there was just a part of me that wanted to advance my age. Isn’t it unusual that people often wish that they were younger, and I on the other hand, wish that I were older.

When I was younger I thought that life will be as perfect as I imagined it to be. I’ve seen me working at a big corporation, riding my own car. I thought that life will be easy. I had a lot of fantasies. I dreamt of living in my own house and I thought that I will be able to achieve everything on my 20s. I was naive about the reality of life. I just wanted to advance to the stage when I will be a full fledged grown up… adult. And I really thought that will be on my 20s.

But now that I am on my twenties, I have this one question on my mind,

“What the hell am i thinking then?”

When I was younger, I wanted to be on my 20s. Now that I am on my 20s, I feel like I’m getting too old that I want to be 17 again.

I am a little bit frightened by the fact that I could no longer live like a teenager. I am a young adult already and time is flying so fast. Eventually, I will grow grey and white hair, I will have eyelines and my skin will sag. Eventually I will no longer be able to wear my off shoulder top without being conscious about my scapula or my skirt without worrying about my veins. I will gradually change physically. I will start to move slower, I will refrain from doing heavy activities, I will easily get tired and most of all, I will not be as attractive as I was when I was younger. As a matter of fact, I can already see wrinkles on my forehead. (LOL)

There’s a lot of worries now that I am on my 20s. And a lot has changed especially on my point of views.

I always thought that older people are much wiser. Another reason why I wanted to be old. Reason why I liked older guys. But I was definitely wrong. Age has nothing to do with being wise.

When I was in college, (okay, in highschool also) I dated older guys. Our age gap was ranging from 3-5 years. I am the young one. I thought that older guys will always act more mature. The older one in the relationship is expected to be the one who will take good care of the relationship. (that should be mutual but of course, older guys are expected to protect and nurture the relationship). But they all failed me. LOL.

So I met this guy, who is now my bestfriend, and he was younger. Remember, I prefer older guys. But nothing was really going on so I talked to him. I just wanted to talk to him. But I never considered going on to the next level, at first. We exchanged numbers and we became good friends.

I am not stupid, I am above average, if i were to brag I will say I am intelligent. I am older and I am intelligent. I was stereotype, I thought younger ones will most of the time be inferior to the older ones. I thought to myself that I maybe I could teach him something new. Some things that he hasn’t experienced yet. Or things that he isn’t aware of.

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Back When I Was A Kid (Part 2)

Who never had a love team during his childhood days? Not bragging but I had a lot. I still remember those days when my childhood friends would tease me over guys i don’t really like. They like me, I don’t. When I was a kid, it’s a mortal sin to talk about love, and even about crushes. .

One time, on my 3rd grade, a classmate gave me a necklace. I was furious that time cause I didn’t like him at all so I ruined the necklace in front of him. (Yeah, I was rude) I just didn’t want our teacher to know that my classmate had a crush on me because it’s a mortal sin to have a crush and my parents will surely know about it and get mad. It’s not like we’re going to marry anyway. It was just simple admiration. I just never really liked the idea.

The never ending Kris Kringle. I never had a luck on this one. As in never in my entire life that I went home happy with the gift I received. Whatever happened to the wishlist? Why bother asking what I want if you will never buy me one? LOL. Worst gifts I have ever received: dragonball toys with detachable arms and legs,  winnie the pooh alarm clock with no batteries, assorted candies bought at the neighborhood and angel figurine which resembles our 5th Grade project.

I never wanted to be a doctor but I dissected a lot of animals. Most often, lizards. I was a cruel kid back then. I would always experiment with lizards. I either put them on fire or chop them into pieces. The most remarkable experiment I did was to put the lizard on a explosive material. He was instantly turned into ashes.

One time I bought a chick on the street. It was green in color, of course it was just dyed. I just finished eating oranges when I thought of burying the chick alive. I did not know what came into my mind but I just place the chick inside the net and buried it to the ground. I bought a soda and came back few minutes later, I dug the ground and saw the chick nearly dying. I panicked and tried to revive it. I poured my soda on it but it wasn’t working. I went to the water pump, hoping the chick will gain consciousness because of the flowing water. Unfortunately, it did not survive. It was shivering so bad as if it was epileptic and eventually died. And I buried him the second time around and it was dead for real.

I had a lot of boy’s stuff, including pellet guns, So i was trying to shoot the donald duck stuffed toy when my cousin arrived. She was so little and so cute. I don’t know what went through my mind when I asked her to stand close to the stuffed toy. I wasn’t really aiming for her, but yeah, maybe I was but I had no plan of pulling the trigger but my finger just moved by itself and I shot her in between her eyes… on her nose bridge. LOL. She cried in pain and I rushed into the room and locked myself on the cabinet. I was really scared that my parents would hit me.

They were looking for me for quite some time and I was still inside the cabinet, sweating and feeling dizzy. Of course, there’s no proper ventilation inside the cabinet. I was black and blue when my father found me. Yeah, they have forgotten what I did to my cousin and I was absolved. LOL. But I almost lost consciousness, and that was not good.

I was fond of Karate and physical games. I remember that time when I detached the rabbit antenna of our television and I turned it into a sword. LOL. My brother and I played karate one time and it went real. I kicked him so hard that he hit the shoe rack and he ended up crying.

I was a contortionist when I was a kid, I used to hang myself of the clothes line (it was made of steel) or in the pillars of the bed. I go inside drawers and boxes too.

I go home when I get tired of finding my playmates during hide and seek games. I never liked being the seeker because I can’t find them all, first, because they hide so well, second, I am too lazy.

I will buy candies at my neighbor’s store and resell them at a higher price. I usually sell the candies to my friends. LOL.

I never had a barbie doll. Those I played belong to my grandmother. I used to make clothes out of tissue paper. But I enjoyed detaching the limbs more.

I enjoyed my childhood a lot. It was one of those things that money can’t buy.

It’s one of the phases I will never get tired of reminiscing. You know, when I was a kid, i become happy with those simple things. I never had to worry about the things that aren’t happening yet. I never had to worry about money and paycheques and work. I was just young and innocent and carefree.

If there’s one thing that my childhood has taught me, it’s finding joy in everything. They say that “The best things in life are free.” and I say yes. Maybe, when we grow old, we will find satisfaction in material things but at the end of the day, it’s the things that are invisible to the naked eye that will give us true happiness.It’s about living the moment.

Back When I was a Kid

I will be having my birthday this month and I realized that I am not getting any younger.

A lot of my high school and grade school friends are already married, some have their own babies, some have migrated and lived abroad. But I do not envy them at all. I have always known that I will die single… And if not, I will be marrying on my 40s or later than that.

I am not afraid of getting old. What I am afraid of is getting old and dying without living any legacy. But why worry about something that’s not happening yet? I do not know what will happen in the future and I got plenty of time to live, maybe not perfectly, but more importantly, happily.

I spent my 3 day rest day on my parents’ house. My childhood friend was there and the vivid memories of my childhood came back to life.

It is always good to remember those days when I do not have to worry about something. When there are no bosses, there are no pending tasks. It was always study and play.

Seeing how I look like now, you will never expect me to be one of those dirty kids running and jumping over fences but looking back, I and my childhood friends were more adventurous than that.

I remember a lot of times when we will build fire on the backyard and the smoke will go up in the air. We were there happily watching the fire and pretending that we are playing in the clouds because of the smoke. Who would not want to play in the clouds? We were just kids and we were just using our imagination. We will end up coughing endlessly. We were always left unattended and we could have died of suffocation. Fortunately, people will always notice before something bad happens.

We will climb at the neighbor’s roof after watching cartoons. There were rumors saying that the person who owns the house possessed guns. We did not believe since they were only rumors. So we climbed his roof and just laid there. We were just kids and of course, we were talkative. We were giggling and sharing stories while eating the fruits we picked from the neighbor’s tree when we heard a man yelling. We looked down and saw the owner of the house, with a rifle in his hand, shouting at us. He even pointed the gun at us and scared the shit out of us. We hurried and left and one of my friends fell on the ground and he was brought to the hospital. He had fracture. After that incident, we never climbed his roof again… Just his roof, we climbed others. LOL.

Kids are naturally curious about everything under the sun so we often experiment about some gross things. One of the most unforgettable experiment we have done is tasting our own urine. LOL. We tasted, not drank. It was just droplet. Urine is salty. Yup. I tasted mine as well.

We made bubbles out of hibiscus flowers. And yes, it is possible.  We were not fans of the bubble making toys and moreover we could not afford one so we created our own. I will always try to cheat on mine. I will usually pour dishwashing liquid on mine. I am too lazy to grind the flower. It’s too tiring.

We will join dance contests on the streets. LOL. It is but normal to have rival groups. We had one. We will compete about everything, even in the silliest dance craze in town. I remember one time when we bumped on them on the street and we danced like crazy. It was in the tune of “spaghetti song”. I can’t dance and I look awkward everytime I try to. But being a child, I always wanted to look cool and win. Whenever I remember that time, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

Another encounter from my rival group. I and my friend bumped at them on the street. The gay one confronted me, I cannot remember his exact words but he was saying like, “I heard somewhere that you are not wearing underwear” and I was stunned. Who the heck would try to spread that gossip. So i denied, and he dared me to show him my underwear! LOL. I excused myself and went home but I came back. And I showed him my white underwear. (Yeah. When I was in grade 1 my shorts are my underwear. (My shorts were like seamless boyleg, so no need to)

Another encounter from my rival group again. They were the bully type and we were the tame one. One day, they trespassed into our vicinity and peed at us. LOL. How rude. So we we got even by trespassing into theirs and shooting them with pellet guns. Pellet guns were supposed to be for boys. And I was one of the boys back then so I have those kinds of stuff.

I have a lot of precious memories when I was a child and I can say that I am one of those people who had the best childhood ever.

More of this Entry of the Second Part 🙂