Back When I Was A Kid (Part 2)

Who never had a love team during his childhood days? Not bragging but I had a lot. I still remember those days when my childhood friends would tease me over guys i don’t really like. They like me, I don’t. When I was a kid, it’s a mortal sin to talk about love, and even about crushes. .

One time, on my 3rd grade, a classmate gave me a necklace. I was furious that time cause I didn’t like him at all so I ruined the necklace in front of him. (Yeah, I was rude) I just didn’t want our teacher to know that my classmate had a crush on me because it’s a mortal sin to have a crush and my parents will surely know about it and get mad. It’s not like we’re going to marry anyway. It was just simple admiration. I just never really liked the idea.

The never ending Kris Kringle. I never had a luck on this one. As in never in my entire life that I went home happy with the gift I received. Whatever happened to the wishlist? Why bother asking what I want if you will never buy me one? LOL. Worst gifts I have ever received: dragonball toys with detachable arms and legs,  winnie the pooh alarm clock with no batteries, assorted candies bought at the neighborhood and angel figurine which resembles our 5th Grade project.

I never wanted to be a doctor but I dissected a lot of animals. Most often, lizards. I was a cruel kid back then. I would always experiment with lizards. I either put them on fire or chop them into pieces. The most remarkable experiment I did was to put the lizard on a explosive material. He was instantly turned into ashes.

One time I bought a chick on the street. It was green in color, of course it was just dyed. I just finished eating oranges when I thought of burying the chick alive. I did not know what came into my mind but I just place the chick inside the net and buried it to the ground. I bought a soda and came back few minutes later, I dug the ground and saw the chick nearly dying. I panicked and tried to revive it. I poured my soda on it but it wasn’t working. I went to the water pump, hoping the chick will gain consciousness because of the flowing water. Unfortunately, it did not survive. It was shivering so bad as if it was epileptic and eventually died. And I buried him the second time around and it was dead for real.

I had a lot of boy’s stuff, including pellet guns, So i was trying to shoot the donald duck stuffed toy when my cousin arrived. She was so little and so cute. I don’t know what went through my mind when I asked her to stand close to the stuffed toy. I wasn’t really aiming for her, but yeah, maybe I was but I had no plan of pulling the trigger but my finger just moved by itself and I shot her in between her eyes… on her nose bridge. LOL. She cried in pain and I rushed into the room and locked myself on the cabinet. I was really scared that my parents would hit me.

They were looking for me for quite some time and I was still inside the cabinet, sweating and feeling dizzy. Of course, there’s no proper ventilation inside the cabinet. I was black and blue when my father found me. Yeah, they have forgotten what I did to my cousin and I was absolved. LOL. But I almost lost consciousness, and that was not good.

I was fond of Karate and physical games. I remember that time when I detached the rabbit antenna of our television and I turned it into a sword. LOL. My brother and I played karate one time and it went real. I kicked him so hard that he hit the shoe rack and he ended up crying.

I was a contortionist when I was a kid, I used to hang myself of the clothes line (it was made of steel) or in the pillars of the bed. I go inside drawers and boxes too.

I go home when I get tired of finding my playmates during hide and seek games. I never liked being the seeker because I can’t find them all, first, because they hide so well, second, I am too lazy.

I will buy candies at my neighbor’s store and resell them at a higher price. I usually sell the candies to my friends. LOL.

I never had a barbie doll. Those I played belong to my grandmother. I used to make clothes out of tissue paper. But I enjoyed detaching the limbs more.

I enjoyed my childhood a lot. It was one of those things that money can’t buy.

It’s one of the phases I will never get tired of reminiscing. You know, when I was a kid, i become happy with those simple things. I never had to worry about the things that aren’t happening yet. I never had to worry about money and paycheques and work. I was just young and innocent and carefree.

If there’s one thing that my childhood has taught me, it’s finding joy in everything. They say that “The best things in life are free.” and I say yes. Maybe, when we grow old, we will find satisfaction in material things but at the end of the day, it’s the things that are invisible to the naked eye that will give us true happiness.It’s about living the moment.

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