Age Doesn’t Really Matter

When I was younger, I always lie about my age to strangers. Instead of telling them that I am younger than my real age, I tell them that I am old already. I add as much as 8 years to my real age.

When I was 16, I wanted to be 24 already. I felt like it’s cool to be on my twenties. I remember one time when I was at the mall and a guy asked me about my age, i told him I was 24 when in reality, I was only 17 then. Obviously he did not believe me because I look so much younger than 24. I don’t know, there was just a part of me that wanted to advance my age. Isn’t it unusual that people often wish that they were younger, and I on the other hand, wish that I were older.

When I was younger I thought that life will be as perfect as I imagined it to be. I’ve seen me working at a big corporation, riding my own car. I thought that life will be easy. I had a lot of fantasies. I dreamt of living in my own house and I thought that I will be able to achieve everything on my 20s. I was naive about the reality of life. I just wanted to advance to the stage when I will be a full fledged grown up… adult. And I really thought that will be on my 20s.

But now that I am on my twenties, I have this one question on my mind,

“What the hell am i thinking then?”

When I was younger, I wanted to be on my 20s. Now that I am on my 20s, I feel like I’m getting too old that I want to be 17 again.

I am a little bit frightened by the fact that I could no longer live like a teenager. I am a young adult already and time is flying so fast. Eventually, I will grow grey and white hair, I will have eyelines and my skin will sag. Eventually I will no longer be able to wear my off shoulder top without being conscious about my scapula or my skirt without worrying about my veins. I will gradually change physically. I will start to move slower, I will refrain from doing heavy activities, I will easily get tired and most of all, I will not be as attractive as I was when I was younger. As a matter of fact, I can already see wrinkles on my forehead. (LOL)

There’s a lot of worries now that I am on my 20s. And a lot has changed especially on my point of views.

I always thought that older people are much wiser. Another reason why I wanted to be old. Reason why I liked older guys. But I was definitely wrong. Age has nothing to do with being wise.

When I was in college, (okay, in highschool also) I dated older guys. Our age gap was ranging from 3-5 years. I am the young one. I thought that older guys will always act more mature. The older one in the relationship is expected to be the one who will take good care of the relationship. (that should be mutual but of course, older guys are expected to protect and nurture the relationship). But they all failed me. LOL.

So I met this guy, who is now my bestfriend, and he was younger. Remember, I prefer older guys. But nothing was really going on so I talked to him. I just wanted to talk to him. But I never considered going on to the next level, at first. We exchanged numbers and we became good friends.

I am not stupid, I am above average, if i were to brag I will say I am intelligent. I am older and I am intelligent. I was stereotype, I thought younger ones will most of the time be inferior to the older ones. I thought to myself that I maybe I could teach him something new. Some things that he hasn’t experienced yet. Or things that he isn’t aware of.

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