Age Doesn’t Really Matter (2)

I didn’t find younger guys attractive (I dated one) until I met him.

I was starting to like him and it felt really awkward that I am already an old granny and I am quite attracted to a younger guy. LOL. That was one reason why I didn’t want to take it to the next level. I felt old. I felt like I was not made for younger guys.

But it just felt like magic. Last time I knew was I fell for him so hard.

Age doesn’t really matter. Maybe I was born before he was but it doesn’t necessarily mean that my soul is older. I mean, he has an old soul. He is quite mature and I am the childish one.

I never appreciated me being old until he told me that he liked older girls. And there I was, tingling from head to toe. hahaha. He said older girls are hot. And I was like, yeah man.

I am an old granny already. I don’t know what’s up with the generation today. In fact I am trapped in the 90s. I don’t know the latest songs cause I am so old school. I am not familiar with the artists today. When teens sing songs, I am like, “is that a new song?” and they will answer me, “no. song five years ago.” But I know the songs from the 70s and 80s. I like being old now, really.

I was older and I have younger siblings. Being the eldest, I had the obligation to look after my siblings. Definitely, since he was younger, I also treated him like how I treated my siblings. (not literally. i like him so there’s malice) But the care I showed him was really genuine. Maybe that’s why he liked older girls. Cause older girls sure know how to take care of the guys they like. He was like my baby. :3

He would always tease me that I am already old. And he would always ask me to tell him the perks of being old. Yeah, I am not proud of my age but I am proud that I play a lot of role. Sometimes I am like a girlfriend to him, sometimes I am like a mom, sometimes a sister, but most of the times, girl best friend. I love being ahead of him. I feel so good whenever he will appreciate the attention I am giving him. When he gets sick, I take care of him as if I am his mom. When he is sad, I cheer him up as if I am his girlfriend. When he feels down, I lift him up and give him pieces of advice like his own elder sister. And when he feels lonely, I give him company and understand him as his girl best friend.

We went steady for quite some time. Thank goodness I was born ahead of him. It was one reason why he liked me. He finds older women hot. LOL. Older women are independent, he said, and they are dominant. He likes those traits. He likes it when there’s a good debate going on. He finds an older, fighter woman extremely attractive.

I don’t have an idea about the internet slang and it’s one sign that I am old already. LOL. I feel stupid sometimes that I still have to google unfamiliar words or abbreviations to me like, “meh” and “smh”. And I wonder, what the heck is happening to today’s vocabulary? Are these even words? O.o

He will always laugh at me because I am an old granny. He will always say that I am 5 years older. (But I am not) I don’t feel like being a pedo honestly. I think we’re just of the same age. It doesn’t really feel like he’s younger. It’s more like we’re on the same thinking. We enjoy the same stuff. We talk about 80s and 90s music. We like the old bands and songs.

And in experience wise, he’s got more than I got. I thought I have gone through a lot of troubles and challenges already. I thought I can inspire him with my life story because basically, I have lived longer that him. But the moment he started talking about his life, I was amazed. He maybe younger but he has a vast experience. I couldn’t teach him anything at all. It was him who taught me a lot. In almost every aspect.

He made me realize that you can learn a lot from young people… And he is one in those young people that will make your jaw drop because of his wit. He may be younger but I admire him a lot. It’s not very often that I notice young guys… But he is one of a kind. He is one in a million.

He may be younger but he brought the side of me that I have never shown to anybody. LOL. I became a woman because of him. He may be younger, but I assure you, he will make you melt. He’s like the sun. Burning hot.

I thought being old is bad but it isn’t that bad especially when someone will still like you even if your age is not on the calendar anymore. I despise the fact that one day people will find me unattractive anymore and it has begun already. I am losing some marketability. LOL. But because of him being around, I don’t feel too bad whenever another year is added again on my age.

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