Normally, people will always have birthday wishes for themselves on their birthdays. But I, on contrary, for the longest time, never wished for anything on my birthday.

It’s my day today. I have aged a year again. LOL. Nothing is really special on this day except for the people who extended their greetings to me since last night. I wasn’t expecting people to remember my day but there are few who really made this day a memorable one.

I went to bed early last night, i think at 7:30 pm and my best friend called me at 11:30 pm. I know he was uncomfortable talking because somebody’s beside him and he was just whispering and i kept on asking him to repeat everything that he said. Usually, he will stay awake for just about 10 minutes and sleep afterwards but he waited until the hands of the clock struck 12 and he greeted me a Happy Birthday. I love the fact that he managed to keep himself awake just to be able to greet me at exactly 12. To my bestfriend, thank you so much for your effort. Do not feel bad. Your presence is more than enough. I don’t need any tangible gift, you are more than any gift. It is a blessing to have you. You are the sweetest. You are the best!

My father was the second one to greet me, sending me a message at 12:30 am. He was out for work. Though we argue a lot, i know deep in my heart that he wants the best for me.

My mom did not greet me a happy birthday but she accompanied me to the parish church this morning. She may not have spoken the words but I know that she wishes me a happy birthday.

My sister bought me a Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks with a greeting. I am not a fan but I appreciate her effort. She should have just saved her P185 instead of buying me a beverage. But I thanked her anyway.

My grandmother and grandfather greeted me this morning. My grandmother kissed me on the cheek after mass, giving me lipstick stain. LOL.

I also received greetings from my friends. Those two friends I had a rift with last year. I did not expect them to greet me because they did not last year. But since all is patched up already, we are all back to the normal friends.

From my twin. We have the same birthday and we never failed to greet each other since gradeschool.

From my aunties and uncles. They greeted me about 20 times. It was really fun.

From my other grannies and aunt. Those who took care of me during college.

From one of my highschool buddy. She was the only classmate who greeted me.

Honestly, I was not expecting that a lot will greet me on my birthday. I opened my facebook account and I was right, there were no greetings. LOL. But I really do not care because the most important persons in my life are already here.

I do not wish anything for myself but I do wish a lot for my loved ones.

It is very often that I pray to God and ask. But I everytime I do, it is always them, that I pray for.

I am thankful that I am now starting the 23rd year of my life but I am more thankful that I have met the most wonderful people in the whole wide world.

I wish that God continue to guide my friends in everything that they do. That they may live everyday and enjoy every minute of it.

I wish that God will protect my family at all times. That they will find peace everyday. That they will learn how to share love and joy to every member of the family. That we may be able to stick together till the end.

I wish that God will protect my best friend at all times. That he may be showered with more blessings and that he may be granted his heart’s desire for he truly deserves the best things in the world.

Ultimately, I wish the special people in my life LOVE and HAPPINESS. Happy Birthday to Me… And HAPPINESS to me loves!

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