Sometimes I lose the ability to distinguish a dream from reality. But last night I know I was only dreaming because you were beside me… and that is impossible to happen in reality.


During those Dull Moments

I have those moments where I will just sit on the corner and start missing you terribly.

The realization that you are already gone sure does sting and the burning sensation in my chest is sometimes too much to handle. But then again, during those dull moments, I’d always take a deep breath and remind myself of one thing I have always wished for… your happiness. You are happy and who am I to hinder your happiness?

As long as I can paint a picture of you smiling and living your life to the fullest, I will be alright.


The Short Elevator Ride

Our life together was like an elevator ride. At first, we rode the same elevator everyday and we went off the same floor. Time had passed, we still rode the same elevator but went off on different floors. Time had passed again and I discovered that there was already an elevator serving certain floor levels. For our convenience, we took separate elevators; we can still meet at the lobby, you said.

One day, i decided to take the same elevator you were in and went off on your level, i had to take the stairs back to my floor though; a little walk doesn’t really matter, at least i get to see you everyday, i said.

Time had passed again and I realized that the elevator you were taking was becoming more and more crowded that i can barely fit in, still, I held into you. I was clinging into you until you felt suffocated by my presence; take the other elevator, we stay on the same building anyway, you said.

From that day on, we never rode the same elevator, mine was always next to yours. My absence gave you more than enough room to breathe.

Eventually, we stopped seeing each other at the lobby and ultimately, we stopped seeing each other at the building. We were so close, yet so far. And the realization came to me, our paths will never cross again.