You Will Never Be a Stranger To Me

Back when we were still together, I always wondered how’d we end up. Will we end up getting married? Will we end up being friends? Worst thing i had imagined is that we will end up on how we started, strangers; and this is what i have always feared.

I have a wish that whenever i come across your mind, you will remember all the good things we have been through and all the plans we have made for the future.

Hopefully, you will remember how we laughed and cried together, how we got each other’s backs. Hopefully you will remember how much we loved and protected each other. Hopefully you will remember that once in your life, i gave you my mind, my heart and my soul; that once in your life you let me be a part of it and that once in your life, i have loved you more than anything else in this world.

For all I know, I will always remember that once in my life, a stranger came and stole my whole existence. That stranger swept me off of my feet. That stranger gave me a million reasons to smile and to keep moving forward. That stranger became my lover and my best friend; that stranger loved me with all his mind, heart and soul. That stranger meant the whole world to me.

I will remember that stranger as damn adorable and lovable, like he has always been. I will remember that stranger. His voice, his laugh, his excitement, his humor, his loneliness, his wit, his kindness, his dreams… everything about that stranger.

I will always remember that the stranger I am talking about is you. And you will never become a stranger to me for I will always remember you.


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