Coping with a Breakdown

It’s 7:19 and I am already updating my blog. I’ve been awake since last night despite the fact that I am tired from travel and work. I’ve been feeling nauseous the whole night that I puked multiple times. Side effect of being on sedative. I have to bear with it though. Just this morning I had a breakdown but I cannot sedate myself since I’m not bringing my pills and all. I was shaking so bad and I was choking, like somebody is strangling me with a leather jacket.

Currently working on a Saturday and stress is getting into my head. I don’t have any room for another breakdown, once is enough… Once is too much actually. I haven’t eaten anything, not even a drop of water in my mouth. I have no appetite at all.

I don’t know how many times I’ve cussed since this morning, but I am sure it’s more than the times I’ve cursed my entire life. Well at least on inanimate object, not people. Laughing out loud like crazy. Dear Jesus, Cheers!

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