Some people’s walls are way too high. I admit, I am one of them. But when I met him, I realized that his is higher and makes it hard for people to see what’s behind that wall. All they see is the facade of him.

I never tried to break it, I just tried to climb as high as I could get. I wanted to help him get to the other side of the wall too. I know it’s hard for him to let anyone in so I never tried to trespass in any way. Also, I know that it’s difficult for him to lower his guard too. He needed his security and protection and I would not take them away from him. Fortunately, I was able to see through the holes of the wall and when I was almost at the peak, I had a glimpse of the truth…

What he was trying to protect was nothing hideous.Do you know how it feels like to be inside the eye of a tornado? That’s how it feels like seeing that other side of him. It’s fantastic. I tell you, he was precious. I could never get my eyes off of him. The process was not easy, but it was fun and it was all worth it. He was so beautiful. Now tell me, how could I possibly let go of something so beautiful?

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