Thirty-Day Writing Challenge

What makes a great writer? Is it his ability to write a thousand word composition in a span of thirty minutes or less? Is it his ability to use words that almost sound foreign to his readers? Is it his ability to gather a large audience with just one masterpiece? Is it a combination of so many things that being a great writer has no fixed criteria at all?

Writing a composition based from experiences is easy. Writing something that is rooted from your mind is easy. It’s easy to think of words,. What isn’t easy is to put together words and make something worthy to read, something that makes sense.

Going back to the question above, I think I may already have my own description of a great writer.

Like an artist, a great writer uses his imagination combined with facts to make a masterpiece of his own. He is someone who can make a single word turn into an extraordinary composition that will make his readers think out of the box and will make them imagine the movement of the universe. Everyone is a good writer but it takes something special to become a great writer.

I was thinking of writing a short story this afternoon when my best friend suggested that I try something new. Since I have this passion for writing, I instantly agreed.

Here’s the deal, he wanted me to write something worth reading but unlike what I was used to doing, he gave me a list of random words, very random words, and challenged me to write a minimum of 1500-word composition. One word, one composition per day. Starting with the first word on the first day and ending with the 30th word on the 30th day of the challenge.

It is like revisiting those days in high school when we were asked to submit 500-word essays and sometimes join writing competitions. The difference is that there is no trophy, no medal or grades involved here. So why take the challenge? What do I get out of this? Simple: SELF GROWTH and PERSONAL SATISFACTION. This time I am writing for myself. I’m taking the challenge of writing to the next level and I hope that at the end of this, I will be able to say that I’ve raised my own bar.

Feel free to take the challenge too and let’s all evaluate ourselves on the 30th day.

Kudos to M for the Brilliant Challenge :))
Kudos to M for the Brilliant Challenge. Thank you for this list. :)) -L

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