Comfort Room

I think we can all agree that there are times when we just want to stay away from the noisy world but that finding a perfect place to contemplate about things is not easy.

Some people will go up the mountains to meditate. Some will go see the ocean to feel peace and quiet. Some will visit their church and reflect. But some people just stay in their humble house and spend a good 10 minute or so inside their humble comfort room.

First question I have in mind is why is it called Comfort Room? There are a lot of names more suited for its function, like pee room or poop room, then why comfort room? Maybe because of the comfort you feel after you release those dumps inside your body? I can’t think of anything more logical than that though. But I don’t want to be logical and literal all throughout this entry. I think it is more fun to talk about comfort rooms in another way.

There are three kinds of people in the world, those who use comfort rooms for biological purposes, those who use them for mental and emotional purposes, and those who them for the combination of all. Let’s all admit than more than any room inside the house, comfort rooms are the most versatile. Maybe you get annoyed with people who take too long in using the cr. Maybe you get really pissed off and start banging the door. Sometimes I do take long too, but not because of the call of nature that I have to answer, but because I am seizing the opportunity to have some privacy. That, some people don’t know about and don’t understand. After some scrutiny, I have concluded that a cr is not just a place to poop and pee and I have decided to write down my thoughts about why the cr is one of the best places in the world.

The comfort room is like a kingdom where you are the ruler and everything you see is your property. You can be anything you want; you can be a king, a singer or a dancer. You can be the person you want to be and nobody will judge. It is a place where you can deeply contemplate about the things that were running through your mind; the things that have been bothering you, the mysteries of the world, alien abduction, the mistakes you have done and the plans you have for the future. It is like another realm where you can evaluate all your thoughts and assess yourself.

Most of the times we bring our phones with us whenever we go to the comfort room. It is the best place to beat our game’s high scores. The atmosphere improves your concentration level. It is simply a playground for adults. It is a place where you can do all your weird stuff like choreographing your own dance or practicing an argument that will never really happen in real life. Who doesn’t enjoy singing inside the comfort room? I sing a lot. Sometimes even when I feel constipated, I still sing and I enjoy every minute of it. The echo is one of the best things. I feel like I sing better whenever. I also created debates in my mind more than a hundred times. Something that I will not be able to accomplish when I am in the real world.

Aside from literally releasing the dumps inside your body, you can also release tensions and stresses. You can cry if you want and nobody will see. It is a place where you can display all your emotions without worrying about other people. Unlike in your bedroom, you can have all the time you want and no one will intervene. Nobody will knock on your door. They will just wait for you to finish. You don’t have to worry about getting caught crying or releasing anger or doing your rituals when you feel you’re almost having a breakdown. And what’s the first place that will come into your mind when you encounter a stressful event and you need some space alone? Comfort room, isn’t it?

It is also a place where you usually say your affirmatives. Who hasn’t soliloquised anyway? Who hasn’t acknowledged that they look good in some angle and not worry about other people hearing it? It is the best place to talk to yourself, and do assessments, physically, mentally and emotionally without looking crazy. I talk to myself, well not always, but I’ve never felt more free whenever I am alone in the comfort room. It is healthy to talk to yourself once in a while because sometimes when you’re down and you feel like there’s no one to tell you that things will be alright, who else is going to cheer you up aside from yourself? Just don’t do it in public, the comfort room will serve you right in that matter.

Sometimes when I run of out topics to write, I just spend a good 15-minute alone time in the comfort room and it always does the trick. Considering that there are no interesting items inside the cr, how can it be so helpful to me and my people [those who like staying inside the cr to think]? Well that’s the irony. The lack of fancy items lets the mind wander. It is like being in your own wonderland. The emptiness, the silence that you don’t almost hear anything aside from the water droplet, will keep your imagination working. The brain will always function even if you don’t send signals for it to function. Even if you think of nothing, something will always come into your mind. Even if your cr is just painted white and you only have a roll of tissue, faucet, a sink, a toilet and soap, it is almost funny that the lack of something good creates good idea. Maybe you will agree that the cr is not the most fun place in the world, it is basically one of the most boring. But this boring place is the most effective place to use your imagination. It is really funny that when you’re bored and you can’t think about anything, that’s the time when your brain starts functioning really well and get you to places you have never been. Or you can just stare blankly at the wall or the ceiling and let your mind wander. The silence that you will never get on the outside world will allow you to think of the best ways to do the things you’ve been longing to do or simply, ways to get your life together. The peace you get will also put you in a relaxed state, thus, also called the rest room. It is either you rest your mind completely or let your brain function in its optimum potential.

There’s no denying that we all have two faces: the one that we show the world, and the one that we just show only ourselves. Sometimes, we just want to be our truest selves and have all the privacy we need. Sometimes we just want to act crazy but we can’t expose that side because it is against the norms and we always search for the best place to be ourselves. And some people find their cr to be a freeing place. I am pretty sure that everyone has done something fun, stupid and weird in the cr. I can’t blame them. I once danced the shit out of me inside the cr and tripped but I was still happy. That’s something I cannot pull off with people around. We are the happiest when we are free. We are the happiest when we are our true selves. Maybe other people will not be able to get past the fact that a place as weird and as dirty (well admit it, cr is one of the dirtiest place in the world) as the cr can be a Disneyland for many. And I am guilty of it.

The world sometimes can be noisy as hell and the comfort room is best place to be alone, away from the world. A place for a temporary escape from reality. Supposedly the bedroom has to be the best place to experience solitude but apparently it isn’t. Sometimes you just want to feel like there’s nobody else and nothing else outside and the emptiness of the cr will provide you that ambiance; cozy, quiet, chill. It is the best place to be nothing and everything at the same time. You just sit on your throne, stare at one side and kill time. Because there’s basically nothing in there, just you and your throne.

The truth is I’ve written most part of this entry in my work office’s comfort room. And most of the times, I think about the most important things and make the most important decisions in the cr too. The serenity that I get behind the door and the white wall is extraordinary. I know for other people, it is just a place to pee, but for some people, it is a place for contemplation. It may sound odd but it is true.


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