First thing you do is prepare all the ingredients you need: flour, egg, sugar, milk, butter. Second, mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Third, cook the batter in a pan. And you have your pancake. Easy, healthy and delicious. It can come into different shapes and flavors, loved by both kids and adults.

Cooking pancakes is so much easier than baking cookies. You have your three easy steps. Everybody can make their own pancake but not everybody can make a good pancake.

I am not a baker. I have switched an oven not more than five times my whole life. I baked cookies once in high school but I never tried baking a cake. The only cake I have ever cooked in my life is pancake. And I love it. It’s a humble cake that everybody can enjoy.

I am not going to write about my love for pancakes. It’s more interesting to talk about the detailed steps on how to make your own pancake.

First step is to prepare all your ingredients.

You need flour. Not just any flour but all-purpose flour. You don’t want your pancakes to taste starchy. You don’t want your pancakes to look like paste either. You have to be specific. You have to procure the best brand that you can get. But a generic will also do. Pancakes is not just about the flour, but it’s the main ingredient so you do not want to mess up with the star. Like in life, you have to be specific in what you really need. And if you can, find the best of its kind. If you can’t find the best kind, find the closest and the most fit. You just don’t pick anything and everything. You have to know what you need or else, you might end up building a weak foundation. And with weak foundation, you might not reach the results that you want.

Sugar. All cakes need sugar. Pancakes are supposed to taste sweet. You have to measure the right amount of sugar because you do not want to make your pancakes taste too sweet or too flour-y. We all need a hint of sweetness in our lives. But just the right level of it. If life is too sweet to us, then we will lose appreciation for the good things coming into our lives. They will seem just normal to us. We will not know what it’s like to be hurt or to feel pain. And when we feel a little pain, then we might not recover. Like when you get diabetes from too much sugar, once you get a cut, it will never heal. It’s there forever. On the other hand, if we take a little sugar, we will get hypoglycemia. And if you have it, you will feel weak, dizzy, you lack concentration, sometimes it can lead to unconsciousness and sometimes coma. Figuratively, if life is unsweetened, then everything is just dull. All we can see is the bitter and bland side of life. Everything is just existing. Everything will feel dead. We have to find the right balance of sweetness so we can appreciate our small victories and savor life’s sweetness when it kicks in.

Eggs. How do we know if the egg is still good? Is it still good if the shell is clean? It’s easy to scrub a shell to make it clean. Is it good when you can see the yolk through the shell? Or do you just crack it and test it by smell? But you see, we have to make sure that the egg we’re going to use is not expired, better if it’s fresh. You don’t want to mix something spoiled into the dry ingredients. You want the egg to perform its function, give a good flavor and make the batter stick together. Problem is I don’t exactly know what’s a good egg and what’s not unless I crack it. I just trust the store where I buy it. I just trust my instinct and decision making. Buying eggs is just like meeting people. For sure we will meet a lot along the way. People of different faces. We can’t always see through them. Most of the times, we just see what’s just in front of us, what they are trying to portray. And it’s hard to crack what people are really thinking. The best thing you can do is just find those you can trust, those will stick with you til the end and will help you get your life together.

Milk. I know a lot of people who use water instead of milk. They sure function the same but they do provide different taste and texture to the pancake. Milk makes the pancake more fluffy and gives additional flavor to it, unlike water. Like in life, you always have choices and you always have to go with the best choice. Choose the one that will serve you right. You choice will always depend on whatever you are aiming for. Also, you need to use just the right amount of milk. You want the right consistency to your batter. If you add too much, your batter will be too runny. If less, then you will not be able to mix the ingredients altogether and your batter will look like a dough full of lumps and eventually dry. Either, your pancake will look and taste horrible. In life, we have to measure things just right. It’s not good to give too much into something or you will have an empty hand in the end. Anything in excess is bad. Anything in excess will just spill and go to waste. Less of something is not good too, especially when it is something significant. Like the batter, if you don’t put enough liquid into it, it’ll go dry… just like relationships. It is always the best to measure things up. Well not literally… Just invest the right amount to salvage what is good.

Butter. This isn’t actually necessary but it adds a distinct flavor and aroma to the pancake. It also adds a little grease to the pancakes and make them look a little shiny. Put just a little though, you don’t want your pancakes to be fatty, they are not supposed to be fatty. Sometimes, adding a little which is not really necessary can be good too. Just like our wants. We have needs but we also have wants. Needs are the things that we cannot live without. Wants are the things that we can live without, they are just accessories to life. But these wants can be our source of happiness too. They add joys in life. They add colors. They add flavors. It’s not bad to have wants, but they should always be secondary to needs. We also start with what is important. When what is important is already accomplished, then that’s the time we reward ourselves with all our wants. On that note, we should not forget that in order to get what we want, we always need to do the right thing. At the end of the day, we just want to be happy. And getting what you need and what you want will make that possible.

When all the ingredients are ready, you have to mix them altogether in a bowl: both dry and wet ingredients. Mix the dry and wet ingredients until they form a batter, whisk until you get the right consistency, continue whisking until your batter is free of lumps. Don’t forget to taste it. Make adjustments if necessary. Until you get the taste that suits you well.

Life is like the ingredients, sometimes dry, stagnant and dull. Sometimes it is wet, running and adventurous. Maybe different, maybe opposite of one another but they will work together. We just have to make them work together until everything becomes smooth, until everything sticks together like the batter. There will always be lumps but you just don’t stop and wait for them to fix themselves. You have to continue whisking. It may be tiring but you have to keep doing it. Because in life, you cannot fully stop, if you are tired, you just take a break and continue from there on. Along the way you will realize that something might be missing and from there, you have to add what is necessary. You have to figure out what is lacking so you can compensate it and make things work for you.

Now that the batter is ready, you can now cook your pancakes. Put the fire into lowheat and use a non-stick pan. Pour just the right amount of batter into the pan. Do not leave it on the pan for minutes, you don’t want to overcook it. When you see bubbles, you can now flip your pancake and wait for a couple of seconds and take it out, put it in your plate and serve it.

You don’t leave things out alone. You have to look after them. You just don’t leave things be cause you wouldn’t know when it’s too much or too little of something. You will make mistakes at first. Of course, you cannot estimate something at first hand. It needs time and a lot of observation. Like the pancake, when you see bubbles, you flip it to the other side. In life, when you see something is already half done, you proceed to the next half. You just don’t stare at the bubbles, you do something when you see bubbles.

Now that your pancakes are ready, you can add whatever you want to add: fruits, maple syrup, lemon, ice cream et cetera. After all these preparations, you deserve a reward for your hardwork. Just like in real life, we deserve a treat for all our hard work. We deserve to enjoy the good things because ultimately, we are all bound to enjoy life.

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