You often see them in line. Some going to, some coming from. They greet one another as they pass by. I am not talking about human in queue for public transport though.

You often see them bringing food, 10 times their size. All of them. Still in line. But they’re not in line for taco bell.

They come in different color and sizes, they come from different places, but they don’t really attack one another. They don’t declare war. I’m not talking about people from different countries nor races.

They always share the same fate with the jews. Gassed, burned, eradicated. Sometimes they are ambushed in their own homes. It’s sad that we share the same world with them but still, we have to destroy their colonies.

We see them everywhere: walls, ceilings, comfort rooms, sometimes even on sockets. Their population if way more that the human population, so if they wanted to invade the earth, they possibly can. They are mentioned in the bible and we should learn to live like them. They are not a strong people but exceedingly wise.

Coming from a third world country, I know the struggles of human population. Hunger, unemployment, vices,poverty, overpopulation, war, and even the government to name some. We are a strong people but it’s odd that a strong people like us can’t make a strong start. We have been facing this issues forever, 14 administrations have passed and the 15th close to an end and still, facing the same old issues at least in the Philippines. It got me thinking, what is really wrong with us? What is wrong with the general population?

Do we blame the government? Do we blame God for the misfortunes? Or do we blame ourselves?

I am not an economist, psychologist, historian or whatever. I am just a normal citizen who loves to observe and write about random things. I am not even that great of a writer to tell you. I just put words together that I hope make sense.

Just this morning, I was eating my breakfast and I happened to receive an urgent call. 15 minutes have passed and when I came back, there were already ants on my food. I call them pests. I immediately lifted my plate and started pouring dishwashing liquid diluted with water on the table. I watched them die, one by one. They died in their lines. Some of them managed to escape though. What’s funny is that those who managed to escape were still lifting food on their backs, 20 times of their weight and triple their size. I cannot even lift something half my weight without complaining. What’s more remarkable is their promptness to act upon things. In just 15 minutes, they were able to ambush my food. They seize the opportunity whenever they see one. So during rainy days, they will be able to feast. And I had the urge to write about them. What if we live like ants?

Go to the ants you Sluggard; consider their ways, and be wise.

Ants are the most aggressive and prompt creatures I have seen. Give them an opportunity, they grab it. Leave your food on the table and expect them to wander around. I cannot talk ant, but I can relate their way of living in the human way. How many of us were given the opportunities and just let go of them? A lot. Even I let opportunities slip out of my hand in the past. Maybe it’s one reason why there are unemployed people in the world. Well not generally, but there are instances that we already have the luck in their faces but we just choose to ignore them. We are not aggressive enough to take chances. Look at the ants, even a small grain of rice is food to them. What do they do? They take it. How about us people? We see a small opportunity, let’s say job, most of the time we look past it; always looking for the bigger one without considering the small one. For ants, food, gourmet or not, is food that they can feast to. For people, it doesn’t work that way. Most of the time, we tend to ignore the small ones and try our luck for the big ones and the big ones do not always come unfortunately. Only if we treat opportunities in equal manner then we will be able to help solve unemployment little by little.

Ants save the good so they can feast during the rain. Nothing in this world is more hardworking than ants. You see them work day and night. They carry food on their backs. They do not just sit around and waste time for they know that they cannot waste time. They prepare for the storm. And unlike ants, most of us tend to lay around, sit our asses on the couch and waste time. We even procrastinate on things that are important. Most common examples are homeworks, projects, reports. Give a person a week to prepare a report and he will use the first five days for leisure and the rest for the actual preparation. Our mentality is the opposite of those of the ants. They prepare and they feast, we feast then we prepare. They work hard during the sunny days and they rest during the heavy rain whilst we rest during the sunny days and work hard during the heavy rain. How many of us have failed to deliver a speech because we lack preparation? That’s our problem, we lack preparation, we waste time, we procrastinate.

Ants are often always in line. What’s amazing is that they do not break their lines, they really follow the trail. They do not overtake. Funny but unlike us, they do not need to have personnels to tell them to form a line. They just do it. And we, no matter how many people remind us to form a line in public transports or fast food chains, we still scatter like dust and we cut in queues. We are not disciplined enough to follow a trail. We hate traffic and yet we are the one who causes it. Too many undisciplined drivers who will turn left when the sign tells them to turn right. How can we possibly prosper if we can’t even form a single line? We lack discipline. I am pretty sure that humans act mostly on their wills and ants purely on their instincts. They do not even know what is wrong and what is right but we do. Isn’t that a bit ironic?

Ants have no legislative, executive and judicial bodies. They have no senate or congress, let alone laws, yet they have the best government. Their way is simple, they serve their queen and the queen does her function. They do their obligations. They know that the government cannot stand without the people and the people without the government. I am not going to make attacks on the government system but I just admire the ways of the ants. Only if everyone in the country does his function as a citizen, only if those working in the government are whole heartedly willing to serve the nation, only if we are willing to help the nation stand together by giving our allegiance, we will be able to prosper like the ants.

Ants help one another; they even bury the dead. I have seen this a lot of times. I have seen ants help other ants. I have seen ants carry other ants in their backs. What shocked me the most is that they bury their dead. One time, I killed a bunch of ants. I went to look for the vacuum so I can clean the floor. When I came back, I’ve seen live ants gathered around the dead and they started carrying them on their backs, heading back to their colony. I am not sure if they really are going to bury them or add them to their food, but I assume, they will bury them. They do what we are supposed to do. Help one another, living and the dead.

Ants come in different colors and sizes, like humans. They live in different colonies. But they all live in peace. Despite of their differences, they do not treat each other as enemies. They just live their own lives. As a matter of fact, I have never seen a red ant attack a black ant. Red ants are aggressive as hell. They even attack humans. But they never attack other ants. That’s the difference. Humans attack other humans: verbally and physically. Sometimes for unjust reasons. How long have we been battling with racism? I bet most of us have made a racist joke at one point. Why do we attack other people based on their looks? What makes us think that we are superior based on our skin color or appearance or size? We have differences for sure but we should treat one another equally. We should all live in peace like the ants. You know what’s admirable? Ants attack humans, way bigger than them, they do it together. Maybe we should learn from them. Maybe we should fight together those things that are preying on us. We should not act predator against one other.

It’s really fascinating that we can learn so much from these creature that we often consider pests. These small creature with wise way of living. Maybe it’s true that we really gain from one another, we always gain something from other creatures. Doesn’t matter if they are big or small. What matters is that we live and share the world with them and we have to give them due respect. The universe is a big mystery. Who knows, we are just being observed too? For who knows, to other creatures we are just like ants too?

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