Traffic Lights

We have all been stuck in roads right? Let’s say we all have crossed an intersection too.

In an intersection, we see vehicles going to north, south, east and west. A batch of vehicles stops while another batch goes and so on. All eyes looking at a common point, waiting for a certain signal to show off.

Let’s assume that all of us are travelers on the same road driving our own cars. We take the wheel and steer. We speed up then we speed down, at a certain point we all stop and wait. Then we step on the gas and continue heading.

There are free, easy roads but there are critical points. One of these points is the intersection. This is where we normally slow down and where we are the most cautious. We just don’t carelessly step on the gas or break. The next thing we do is based on what the traffic light signals.

If one is too observant, he will notice that not in every 500 meters there is a traffic light. Usually they are on the intersections. Intersections is where the driving is the most critical. This is where the vehicles from all the directions meet and this is where the most accidents occur. And this is where you see the most security. Why so? Simply because this is where you usually have to decide which route you will go. It’s either you stick to your original plan or have an alternative route.

Intersections for me are like the point in life where we make the most critical decisions and the traffic lights are the signals.

We have experienced some rough and smooth roads in our lives. Roads where we drive slowly and safely and roads where we just step on the gas and drive as fast as we could, as adventurous as we could. We have all gone also to a situation where we took a lot of contemplation of what to do next. Do we start from this point or end at this one?

Let’s say that we all have been in a situation where we are about to make a big decision that will either make us or break us. Let us compare it into an intersection.

You are having a blast driving and suddenly you see yourself stuck in a traffic jam. You went past the traffic and you are smoothly driving your car when you noticed that you are about to reach an intersection and the yellow light flashed. You slowed down. You knew you cannot go the same speed and you cannot make it in time to cross the intersection. You are in the Point of No Return. The only thing left to do is to slow down.

Sometimes life signals us to slow down especially when we are about to reach a critical phase in life. Things move fast sometimes but it doesn’t mean that we have to go the same speed as well. We do not have to rush on things. What we need to do is to move along with it without compromising our safety. We all reach a Point of No Return. We cannot get stuck in the middle of an intersection, figuratively, life. We must learn how to slow down at some point so we can see what’s really ahead of us. One of the biggest mistake that one could do is to rush things. Sometimes we move too fast that we forget to think about the future. I know you are not supposed to constantly think about your future but it helps to have anticipations. Things might be moving too fast that you cannot catch up fully. That’s not what matters though. What matters is that you continue moving, even as if you’re moving on a snail phase. You will eventually get there. Just don’t get yourself into a situation that will cost you more than the benefits you will get.

Then the light flashed red. You stopped because it’s mandatory. You stopped because it was the most logical thing to do. You stepped on the brake but you didn’t fully switched the engine off. How many cars collisions have we heard because of the reckless drivers’ who do not follow traffic signals? Properties and lives have been destroyed because they cannot follow simple traffic rules. And what do they get afterwards? Regret. All because they would not wait for a short 90 seconds.

It is the same with decision making. We come to a point where everything goes smoothly then all of a sudden, we meet a traffic jam. Everything gets messed up and eventually you catch yourself in an intersection and from there you see a red light signaling you to take a break. Sometimes in life, before making a big decision, we have to take a little break. You have to take time to contemplate. You are not in a race. You’re not driving in the fast and the furious. Let’s say that from that intersection, the next road you will be taking will be a milestone and you don’t want to take the wrong road for sure. The world will not stop moving but life is generous enough to allow us to think twice about the roads we are taking. It will give us sufficient time to think. Sometimes we already know which way we are heading but along the way we discover new things. We discover new alternate route. And these discoveries will have an effect on us. Do we stick with the plan or de wo go and try the alternate route? Should we continue drving from here or should we go back? Which way is more convenient? Which way is the best? And there goes the red light to the rescue. Red light means taking a quick break and not a full stop. The time is not unlimited but sure is enough for you to fix your head and arrive at the best decision. We do not want to hear ourselves saying “I should have taken that road… The situation would have been so much better”. In any major decision that we are going to make, we should always take a quick break and think about the things that matters the most because once the decision is already made, then there’s no way you can take that back without causing a damage to other people or to yourself at the very least . Because ultimately, we do not want to take the wrong road and have regrets in the end.

When the light signals green, that’s the time that we continue driving. By this time, we should have realized the best route to take. Green means go. In life, the only thing that we cannot stop doing is “going”. Green means life too. The green light signals that we should always go on with our lives. Speed up if you want, there is no stopping you. Life has so much to offer. Look to your left and to your right. Step on that gas pedal but be cautious enough and be aware that you are not the only one in the road. You have to be mindful of other cars. You have to know that inside those cars, there is a person too who is steering his own wheel of life.

The green light is where we execute our decisions. We either go North, South, West and East. Whatever we think is the best and the right route, then we should go for it. There are different routes ahead of us, all will yield a result. And there is no real overview of the result. We have to leave a little for our imagination sometimes. We have to leave something to hope for.

Even if we made the wrong choice, life will always signal green. There’s no point in stopping while on the road. There’s a time for a quick break and green light isn’t the right signal for that.

Then we steer our wheel again and along the way, we will start seeing something new again. Some new discoveries. We will learn that life constantly requires us to make decisions. And in a few kilometers, we will surely see intersections. Lots of them. Then we will learn that another milestone is yet to come. Another big decision has to be made. We may have fucked up with the last decision we made but there opportunities to salvage what’s still ahead of us.

We all live by the decisions we make. Some are easy, some are hard as heck. Some were correct and some weren’t. But we do not always have to stress ourselves that much. We are not that clueless and we are not hopeless.

It’s not as if we will drive a road without signs, or pass an intersection without traffic lights. Life gives us signs too. Some manifested literally, some are latent. We might see them or may look past them. Just know that at the end of the day, someone greater than us will always provide.

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