Go to Heaven for Climate and Hell for company

if ever i die soon and see that heaven is real, i will do my best to ask St. Peter to let me see the face of God. I know for sure that there’s no spot for me in his kingdom for all the things I have done on earth but I know he will be generous enough to spare me his time and grant my last wish and make up to me because he has been hard on me when I was alive. It doesn’t have to be an hour. I just need a couple of seconds. Before going somewhere to spend the rest of my spiritual life, I would need to ask him if he was entertained enough watching me live a miserable life. I hope that the jokes he made out of me served him well. And like me, he is crazy and stupid. And like the others, he is a big asshole. Then I’ll slap him on his face just to make him feel human pain and understand embarrassment. After my mission, i’d gladly accept his wrath and even before he sends me outside, i’d voluntarily leave and seek the the company of my comrades. Live in everlasting fire and be with the other god forsaken creatures… the least favorites. Where all of us are equally miserable. Where all of us are equally unhappy. Where all of us are treated equally and there are no favored. I’d rather burn in hell. That will be dope.

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