Comrade: I don’t like him. I really don’t.

I: Why don’t you just appreciate all the little things he does for you? If he is willing to give you the world, not literally the world of course, why not give it a chance? You are lucky that someone out there is in love with you. You are lucky that someone loves you unconditionally.He is not asking anything from you, you’re hell of a lucky girl. You don’t always meet people like that everyday, not in every 100 years. If a person loves you unconditionally, if a person thinks about you more than he thinks about himself, if he cares about you more than he cares about himself, he’s a keeper. You may not like him now, or tomorrow or the other day, but if you open your eyes to all the good that he is, who knows, you may end up finding yourself loving that person more than you think you will.

Comrade: You drunk?

I: I am legit drunk but I am not out of my mind.

Comrade: You still think about him?

I: Never a day that I didn’t think about him.

Comrade: You miss him?

I: Yes. (shoots whisky)

Comrade: How much?

I: In a scale of 1 to infinity, beyond infinity.

Comrade: (Shoots whisky) Crazy.

I: Yep. I have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. (Shoots whisky)

Comrade: What are you thinking about?

I: Him. I wonder if he’s doing okay.

Comrade: Text him.

I: (Pours wine) Do you even know how hard it is not to text him? It’s harder than f*cking chemistry or advanced algebra in Greek letters or pronouncing llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

Comrade: Why don’t you just text him? What’s so bad about it?

I: Nothing’s bad. But I don’t want to shake his world again. I want to make things easier for him. It’s true that I want to be there for him and be the one to save him from whatever that’s making him sad and not give a fuck about anything else but if my presence makes it complicated, hell yeah, give him his space. I just hope he knows that my mind, heart and soul will always be with him.

Comrade: I see. Now that’s what you call a martyr.

I: Nope. This is what you call love is freeing.

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