The If Question


If we are better off with separate lives and one of us decides to leave,

I would ask you just this: Will you be happy without me?

If you say “Yes”, I need not utter another word, I would disappear.

If you say “Eventually I will be”, I would hope for the best and let you be.

If the present is not kind to me that I should give up what I feel for you

It would hurt me but I’d give it up because I’d rather see the present kind to you

If the both of us walked on the opposite direction 

And one day the universe happened to bring us back together

Do you think we will ever recognize each other even if it takes forever?

If one day our paths cross again,

Even if my vision is impaired and my memory starts to fade

I’d tell you dearly, the mind might not remember every single detail but my heart would never forget.

If you ask me if I waited too long,

I would say No, you have arrived just in time for love is not impatient.

If you ask me if you have ever crossed my mind, 

I would say never.

Never a day that you haven’t.

If you ask me if I still love you the same,

I would say, no, I don’t.

I don’t love you the same, I love you even more each passing day.

If you ask me if I’d want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I’d say No. 

I’d want to spend even the afterlife with you.


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