Who are you?

This morning, about 2:50 am, I received a message from somebody.

I love you padin and I miss you. (I still love you and I miss you)

My initial reaction was, “What the hell?”

So I responded to the person, let’s just call him ANON. A number registered but I am not sure if it was computer generated, you know those free text messaging they offer online, or it really registered the number of ANON. I just took the chance.

I don’t know why I am making a fuss about it but it just made me feel anxious. Is this for real? Was it from somebody I dated during college? Heck no. I haven’t really kept in touch with people I dated except for one. And I don’t think he will ever do that. And because I know it’s not him, I feel really sad. Yes, crazy as it may sound, I wanted it to be him. And there’s no way I’m going to ask him.

Is this an advertisement for free text messaging? If it is, then somebody just used the cheapest way to advertise shit. There are a lot of way to advertise shit, and not something that will play on other people’s emotions.

This better not be a prank too. People do not know the crap other people might be dealing with right now. What if the one you made fun of is someone who is in agony because he’s just been broken up with, or waiting for someone to come back, for God knows how long. Or someone who misses his ex and hoping that one day, they will end up getting back together and you just gave him false hope. Just… what the fuck?!

Might be a mistake too? I don’t know. I can’t figure this shit out. I feel like an idiot though. I should have not just responded. I should have not paid attention to it. I should have just let it go. But how can I not? It’s sad. It’s really devastating. I feel so bummed.

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