From Me To You

It has been so long since that day I laid my eyes on you
Those smile has now turned into something blue
And by blue, I meant sadness, worst of its kind 
Sadness that cuts deep into your soul
I know, to you I don’t mean anything
To you I am just a random person
Random person you will meet at random situations
And it’s funny that you never glanced at me, not even once
But each time i see your smile,
My world stops, my heart falls fast
I tried to stop them butterflies in my stomach
But I lost me, I got lost in you. 
I know that she is all you see
That in your eyes I’m invisible
It hurts today more than it hurt yesterday
And I am a fool for falling for you.
It’s clear to me that there’s no chance for you and me
Things are never meant to be and will never be
But why can’t it be?
Why can’t these feelings just turn into dust in the wind?
Why cant you turn even just once to me?
Just to see my heart that loves you faithfully
But does it matter even if you see?
Now I’m lost and in pain and crying endlessly
Though it’s hard to live this empty life, 
Though it’s hard to sleep alone with you in my mind
Can’t help but to contemplate in the dark
Can’t help but still long for your touch.
Though it’s hard not to hope that one day you will love me back
And take the chance that the future might be kind
I know I should stop this awful lies and stop this fantasy I created
There’s one thing I hope you’d let me do
It might take long but grant me this favor
Let me love you silently in a distance, nothing more, nothing less.

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