Do you know me?
Yes you do. You just look away.

Do you hear me?
Yes certainly. But my words don’t matter to you.

Do you know how I feel about you?
Of course you do. Everybody knows.

Am I not worthy of your time?
Maybe. I don’t hear much from you.

Is love blind?
I don’t think so. But humans certainly are.

Are you blind too?
No you are not. You are just farsighted. I am right in front of you but you seem to overlook.

Do you think you will learn to love me someday?
I don’t think so because you never really tried.

Is it that hard to love someone like me?
I can’t seem to answer this. But I know for you it’s impossible to love me. Chances are not over zero.

Do you know how much I dislike the human race?
Maybe you don’t… But I seem to adore you.

Do you know I wish I could care less about you?
Of course you don’t but I hate the feeling that I care about you more than I care about anything else in the world.

Do you know how lonely you make me feel?
I don’t think you will understand. I hate this loneliness. I hate it with passion.

Do you know I still love you?
Solid yes. And you know how much.

So why choose the rest of the world over me? Do you know I am crying?


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