I quit my job last thursday… for real. I wasn’t so sure what to say at first though. I never liked string of questions. I wish I could just live in a world where people would not ask questions after the other. I really don’t know what to say exactly and how to raise the topic of my resignation. I was clueless the whole morning trying to figure things out alone. And words just came out. Officially resigned.

I went to the salon and asked the staff to dye my hair. She cut my hair, which i didn’t ask her to do… fucking five inches. When I saw what she did, the only word that was on my head was “MOTHERFUCKER” and I am not even kidding.

I am upset, bigtime. I never really cared about my hair but I had plans… So yeah, I am upset.

Still working on my stories. I am having crazy thoughts again and no one to share with. Guess I’ll just keep them to myself… Like I always do. Nothing new.

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