The Idea of Not Having You Around

I wonder how it feels like to wake up without your presence

And honestly, I don’t even want to know the answer.

Let’s just put it this way,

Waking up without you is like waking up on the wrong side of the bed, always a bad start.

It’s like a phone without a signal, no reception, no fun.

Or a phone without a battery, useless.

It’s painting without colors, dull and boring.

It’s trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle when a piece is missing,

Will always be incomplete.

It’s like writing a poem for nobody,

Just words without meaning.

I’m trying to find the best comparison but I am failing

For my mind keeps rejecting the idea of not having you around.

Just the thought of your absence makes me miss you  

Living without you is hell of lonely

Will you do me the favor of staying right by me?


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