Yes, I lied.

You were already out of my system and you haven’t crossed my mind for a long time.

I can wake up without having you in my thoughts.

I can wake up without having you in my dreams.

Yours is not the face I want to see the first thing in the morning, and last at night.

I can stand without you.. I can live without you..

I am sorry. But everything I said wasn’t true.

I have been lying to myself about how I feel for you.

I tried to repress, i tried to suppress, I have forgotten how to express.

I thought I was stone-cold and emotionless.

But i have never been so wrong, and I can’t stand another lie

Every day it’s you… All the time, I miss you.

I heard your voice and I was awaken

Those dead butterflies came to life again.

I can feel my heart racing with the sound of your breath,

I can feel my eyes sparkling with the thought of you near.

I have been longing to say the words I couldn’t say when you got away.

I have been keeping this feeling, I have been constantly lying

What I feel about you never have changed.

It’s you every day, it has always been you since that day.

I couldn’t lie to myself, I couldn’t deny

The thought that it’s over makes me weak inside.

I never wanted to accept that I still love you.

I was too coward to admit that I still love you, truly, madly, deeply.

I wanted you to hear these confessions but I have no courage to say.

Afraid to lose you again but there’s no reason for you to stay.

I wanted to hold you, I wanted to keep you for as long as I can.

But it’s not right to have these selfish desires.

The divine being knows how much I wanted to have you, how I long for you.

But if he does not allow us to be together, what shall I do?

Even if it was just for hours, you made me alive again.

And after that, I had to let you go again.

Saying goodbye is always painful

For I will always wonder about you.

Every part of me is in pain, just the thought of you leaving makes me go insane.

I will kiss you goodbye, but I know I wouldn’t want that to be our last kiss.

I have too much to say to you and I don’t know how to begin.

I am afraid that if I start, I will not be able to find an end to it.

I wish I had told you when i had the chance

Even if we’re not on the same page 

Even if we do not feel the same

Listen to my words for these are the words I have kept deep inside me 

I love you still… I always will.

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