Dare I Say

Who’s to say you’re this, not that?

There’s more that meets the eye

To know him is to see what heaven on earth, dare I say, must be like.

Have you ever felt freedom around somebody? I had.

He stripped the realest me without judgment.

He embraced all the good and bad and stayed.

To have him is to be free, to be with him is to understand what love is.

He is not perfect and so am I

But he is genuine and the sincerity of his voice says it all

He had me at hello

But I fell for him with his laughs and cries.

He cried for me, he cried for them

What guy will cry on behalf of other people?

A guy who has a heart for other, a guy who is a representation of what what a man should be.

And that guy is the man of my dreams, that guy was my man.

Fate is to find him but happiness is to be with him.

In this dark world, he shed some light.

He puts the stars back in the sky

He puts the sparkles back in dull eyes.

To be loved by him is to find happiness

Knowing your heart is taken care of

He will look after you like a brother

Protect you like a father

And love you platonically and romantically like you’re the most wonderful human in the world.

You see, I adore him this much

And honestly, I don’t even like being with people

But he is far different from everybody, certainly

If I learned to trust him, then there’s something special about him.

Love is a word but more that that it’s an act.

And he will show you how to love you in ways you wouldn’t imagine

He will tease you, scold you, lecture you

But will hug and kiss you and you will feel it.

You will feel how much he cares for you like nobody else would.

He will be silly sometimes, he will be angry

But he will laugh at your craziest jokes and make up with you as if nothing happened

He doesn’t resent and remember

He just moves forward and takes you with him

Always a fresh start, always a good start.

He forgives and forgets the bad things

For he does not dwell on what is hurtful

He will hope and wish for the best, for you, for him and for the both of you

He will do everything to nurture whatever is going on between you and him.

He has his ways, you have yours.

But he does not mind differences

For love is sharing, love is compromising, love is understanding.

I found love when I met him.

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