Living Your Sweetest Dreams

While you are in deep slumber, I am in deep thought.

What are you dreaming about?

I am awake but I am day dreaming about being with you

Are you dreaming about me too?

Are you dreaming about us walking hand in hand?

Because I am dreaming about you holding my hand on the streets 

And I, glancing, eyes glued on your face.

And I would ask you to walk beside me

By then, I’d feel so much security.

We will both look up at the sky and adore how blue it is

And you will look me in the eye and tell me how beautiful am I in your eyes.

And I’ll return the compliment by saying

There’s never a day so blue whenever I am with you.

We will savor each moment

Even silence with you is gold.

No need to say another word, no need to do another deed

Just a day with you by my side is more than enough.

You never told me that you’re in love with me

And I have never asked myself if I am in love with you

All I have to know is how much you love being around me

And I will never fail to tell you how much I love being with you.

Feelings are fleeting, thoughts appearing

Why should I overthink about the future when the present is screaming?

Live by the moment for there’s no guarantee that tomorrow will come.

But there’s a guarantee that the present can be lived.

Dreams do not always last, so are feelings.

I cannot guarantee I’d still feel the same about you tomorrow

But I am certain that what I am feeling about you today is not just a part of your sweet dreams.

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