Paying It Forward

All of us have dreams in life. Others want to become successful singers. Others want to become successful animators. Others want to become certified public accountants, doctors, engineers or chef. Others want to become millionaires. Others want to travel the world. But when we achieve our goals in life, what comes next?

We are living in a material world. Naturally we want material things. We want big houses, high salaries, cars, gourmet food, best lifestyles. We want to receive the best things in life but oftentimes, we forget to give back.

I will not deny, I want to have material things too. It’s not me being materialistic, it’s me wanting to have resources. But I am not asking for too much. I do not need to have that much. I just want to have a convenient lifestyle where I do not have to worry about bills and savings.

When that day comes, what will i do next? I haven’t given a single thought about it… I have been thinking about earning and receiving a lot, but what can I give in return?

I was talking to someone special to me and he told me about his dreams. He always shares what he plans for the future. I am very aware that he wants to build his own company, gaming company. And he is starting to live his dream.

He is not materialistic. He doesn’t wish for big houses or expensive cars. Like me, he just wants to live comfortably. He doesn’t even like buying expensive things. He spends his money wisely and it’s seldom that he buys something for himself. Simple but comfortable lifestyle, that’s what he wants.

It will be ironic though. If he becomes the CEO of his own company, he will certainly earn a lot. He will rise into fame. He doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. He even feels anxious when he sees camera lens. But even so, he still wishes for a simple life.

Yes, he wants to earn a lot but not because he loves money but because he has a bigger plan in the future. Not just for himself but for other people too.

Just this morning, he was at the hospital and he told me that when the time comes when he already has his resources, he wants to build his own hospital. Not a business hospital, but a hospital that focuses on helping other people. Medical expenses are expensive and not everyone can afford to pay the bills.

He will have his own scholarship program for those who aspire to become nurses and doctors and in return, he would ask his scholars to serve the hospital for a certain period of time. And there will be no professional charges, most certainly.

He also wants to provide education to people close to him. He will help people not by giving money but by paving ways. If he sees someone who has talents, he will not give monetary reward, he will give resources to the person that will enhance his talent instead. There are many talented people out there, it’s just that, they do not have the adequate resources.

He also wants to invest in micro businesses. If he sees someone who has the passion for business, he would certainly help the person get the best education and eventually help him grow a business of his own. If he sees potential, he will help the person succeed. Investment is not just monetary, it also includes his own time and talent.

Learning about his dreams, i feel a bit embarrassed. I have not seen myself being an advocate of good will. I feel bad for other people but I have not included them in my future. Let’s all be honest here. How often do we think about our neighbors? Do we even include them in our prayers?

To pay the goodness forward, that’s what he wants. If he receives blessings, he wants other people to receive blessings too. That is why I pray and hope that he becomes successful in the future, and he certainly will, and that he realizes all his dreams.

Maybe we should learn from him. Money does not make the world go round but it does help. Let’s all keep the balance, when we receive something good, we should share it too. We cannot bring wealth when we die, but we can leave our legacy and good deeds.


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