Why I like Apple Pies

Our house never had a baby in forever. I am not used to having a little kid constantly running around the house anymore.

I associate kids with responsibilities. Job is a responsibility. Kids and pets alike are responsibilities. Between the two, it’s easier to take care of a pet. You feed them and they will survive. Whilst in babies or little kids, you have to feed them, you have to bathe them, you have to constantly watch them and make sure they do not get hurt. Pets are so much easier. I can accidentally drop my dog and not feel too bad about it. Well i will feel bad and it will eventually go away. But i cannot accidentally drop a kid or a baby. Not in a thousand years.

I do not hate them, it’s just that I am not adult yet to take care of one. I cannot even take care of myself, let alone, another little human being. I admire them from afar. They are innocent and fun, and funny.

I like hearing stories about them especially babies, literally babies. It’s fun at first but i eventually get bored. I don’t understand the obsession of other people with babies. Yes they are cute, but they are boring. Their activities are boring. Eat, poop, sleep, and cry. That’s all they do. I’d rather have a little kid around, at least he can do something else except eat poop and sleep.

As i have written in my previous entry, I am very picky. I treat babies and kids the way I treat adults. I can hang out with some, not with everybody.

I have a little cousin who comes into our house. I am not mad but I am not delighted. The first five minutes is fine. The next minutes are kind of tiring. I have too much to think about and I feel disturbed when i see someone running back and forth. And he cries a lot too! I hate crying kids. I like kids who are fun and energetic but know when to sit down and behave accordingly.

Of course people will say, “they are kids. let them be kids, you were a kid once”, well when i was a kid, i was not a rascal. (LOL)

I like well-behaved and smart kids.

Just recently, i have developed fondness to a little kid and we call him “applepie”. I heard stories about him and he seems fun.

First time i heard about him was when they visited and he was watching a video. Alphabet song. A funny and weird one. A is for applepie, B is for banana and so on, hence the name applepie.

He just turned two and he wants to do things alone. He eats on a plate, with a spoon. I think he will grow up to be a foodie cause he eats almost everything. A two year old who eats vegetables and shawarma. (I like this kid! I approve of it) I trust kids who love food. But he is a wise one though. He has to see that the food is edible first before eating it. You have to eat first before he does. And he is generous. he will share his food.

He is an independent kid. He doesn’t pee or poop on the floor, he will tell you if he needs to use the bathroom too.
He is a sweet child. He likes cuddles and kisses. He doesn’t throw tantrums too. You can explain things to him and he will listen. I always joke about him being a 28 year old guy who shrunk into a 2-year old kid’s body.

I like listening to stories about him, how he just sits there and watches tv shows. He likes watching cars and real people. How he likes hanging out with his uncle and sticking to him. It’s funny how he clings to his uncle. I remember me being clingy to his uncle too. He constantly seeks attention but not in a bothersome way. Just like me. I think he is a smaller representation of me hahahahahahahaha!! Once the uncle was in the bathroom and he was knocking and calling him but did not get response, so instead of calling him ‘tito’ he called him by the first name. Whenever he misses his uncles and family, he will stand by the door and start saying “tito, mama, papa”. It’s like imagining a music video!

He is a funny kid too. It’s funny how he gets nervous when he thought he was being left out of the car. Cause he was so little and maybe he thought they have forgotten about him or they did not see him. It’s funny when he talks. He tells stories but since he is a little kid, he has his own vocabulary. I will just tell his uncle to nod even if he did not understand anything. I like the fact that he communicates. It’s funny how he knows how to say excuse me… “mi mi” in his terms. And how he calls the mouse, remote.

I remember when he picked up a kitten and placed it in his car. he gave it a joy ride. haha. I can just picture them playing. i know kids who pick up little animals and throw them away. I am glad he isn’t like that.

He likes hanging out with his uncles a lot. He is playful but not annoying. He has a lot of energy but he knows when to stay still. I think he knows how to behave in public too. He is an old soul.. but a charming little kid. And I can’t wait to hear more.

There are too many reasons why I don’t want to hang out with kids but if all the kids are like applepie, it would be awesome.:)


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