Two months and thirteen days, never a day you haven’t crossed my mind. Two months and thirteen days, I can’t seem to accept the fact that you’re not around… that I wouldn’t still hear your voice. And probably never.

It’s easier to write you love songs… easier to write you poems… easier to say those cheesy words than writing this… the fact that you did not call or even respond to my messages, still breaks my heart. I can’t move forward and I can’t find the courage to read our last conversation because I’m certain that when I do, I’ll break down. I can’t delete them either… They are the only thing that you left me… Memories.

I will always remember you fondly: the way you talk, the way you laugh, they way you get excited about little things…. I can’t do this. I can’t continue writing this…………


Me: Why do you think I suck at love?

Friend: Uhm.. because you suck at life? Haha! No, it is easy… You cannot build a relationship that works as long as you don’t have the foundation for it: and that is a working life and peace of mind. You don’t have that. So of course everything you start is as dysfunctional as you are. You have like 15 minutes of free time a day. Also, you got that dog while you were hardly able to care for yourself.

Me: What the fuck. You’re straightforward but it’s true. And I love that dog. He’s the only thing that is going great now.