I did not have any other choice but to cry in silence when it ended; I can’t scream, I can’t bitch about things, I can’t break things. I cried until I died inside. Now, I am just someone who does not feel any emotional attachment. Maybe I died a long time ago too. Maybe we are still alike and maybe we are lost souls finding affection from another lost soul that will make us find our way home. Maybe, just maybe, I am the one you were looking for… and maybe, you were the soul I am waiting to come home.


The Night He Made My World a Little Less Lonely

He kissed my lips and I waved him goodbye

I turned my back and walked away, guess I will never know his name

The clock is ticking and I am running out of time

I’ll be leaving cause I¬†know he is not mine.

I got to leave all the memories behind

The night is over and it is time to live again our separate lives.

The way he held me in his arms, the way he stared into my eyes

Got me losing my mind but I can’t stay by his side.

One night of company and I was a little less lonely

For a moment he let his world revolve around me

He embraced me as if I am already a part of him

And I responded as If I have always known him.

I lost this game that we have played

I entrusted myself to a guy I’ll never meet again

Just like any liquor, his spirit will also fade away

And the night we shared will also be forgotten.

Never thought i’d be this weak

I never meant to stay but why do I feel incomplete

He stole a part of me and now I’m feeling lonely

Walking back to the old me, now I’m slowly feeling the misery.