3 Day-Freedom and A Thought

While I am working so hard finishing my task until I can’t even type 30 words per minute anymore because I was darn tired, my boss was there reading articles about fashion statements. And I thought, What’s it like to be a boss?

Working 9-5 is not really tiring if I will focus on what my job really is but since there’s no need to do accounting everyday, and we outsource people to do the documents, I will just sign transmittals when they are done and prepare the financial statements at the end of each month.

I started working for this company last year and I opted not to sign any contract. Everything was verbal. Technically, I can just quit anytime because there’s no contract that binds me and the company, no signature affixed and no terms agreed upon. Everything was planned well. But due to some circumstances, I am literally trapped and I couldn’t just easily quit this job.

Lately, I have been working with things that aren’t supposedly done by me. For example, typing and editing of forms not related to accounting. At first, it was just okay because it doesn’t happen always. And they haven’t found an encoder yet. But recently, they made me do more than a hundred attachments… THE FUCK. Sales is okay, but forms, not part of accounting documents, are not. It’s not part of the accountant’s job. Never seen such a task on the job description… to date.

I know there are no terms agreed upon but I am starting to think that they are being too dependent on me to the point that they see me like a secretary and sometimes a sales agent. It’s like me having multiple personality disorder, playing various roles. There is so much going on that everything is falling apart worst was when I did a report the night before the submission, or else the company will be penalized for submitting late. Today while I am writing this entry, my fingers are still a little numb from yesterday’s encoding.

Last time I mentioned my CPA batch mates being slaves of their bosses and I realized that I am no other like them. In my assessment, I think I am worse. At least they don’t get phone calls and emails late at nights or early in the morning. Lots of times I would get out of the bathroom dripping wet because my phone would ring. Of course I had to check immediately because I would not want to miss an urgent call.

My mom had a point when she asked me about being a CPA. She just didn’t deliver the message in a manner that I will understand. But she isn’t right because either I am a CPA or not, I will still have a boss. The only difference is when I become a successful CPA, serving the public or working for the government, I will get higher salaries. In my status, I can only work for private companies. It’s fortunate if I will find a private company that will match the benefits provided by government agencies. Nevertheless, private or public, I will still have a boss.

I understand that the upcoming Monday is a holiday and I thank the good heavens for that. Long weekend to regain my energy, and think about what do i really want to do with my life.

All i did was complain about my job and I myself is getting tired of it as well. Whining over things that I cannot change at present will not help at all.

So back to my question, what’s it like to be a boss?

I honestly don’t know what’s it like since I am not, obviously but what I have in mind is “what kind of boss I will be” in the future.  I am not losing hope that one day I will become one.

If i were the owner of a company, I will make sure that everything is aligned. Every member of my staff has his own particular task to do. I don’t want overlapping jobs. If an employee is in the sales team, he will work the in the “sales” and if he is in the administration, he will be working administrative jobs. They applied for a particular position, so let them work in the position they really fit in.

I will make sure that I can do a piece of everything. I don’t want to be someone who does not even know how to scan documents or photocopy files. I will not leave everything to my secretary, if I will hire one. Employees are not robots, if i can do it myself, i will just do it myself.

I will train with my own employees so I can understand the happenings inside the company. What’s wrong with other bosses is that they don’t understand how things escalate from the the lower to the topmost management. Sometimes, they will just look at the overview. I know there will be manager and I got to learn to trust them, but I will need to see it myself. I don’t want an overview, I want every bit of details.

I will never ever call my employee before or beyond working hours. My employees have their own lives outside of the company and I don’t want them to lose work-life balance. I know the feeling of working at nights and on weekends. Also, I know the thoughts of an employee when the bosses would ruin their rest days. I don’t want my employees to consider me a crap for messing with their personal lives.

I will work as hard as my employees do. I know I am lazy but I am not inconsiderate. I know they will work primarily for money but I want them to feel that sometimes, work isn’t just about money. I want them to feel that their efforts are recognized. Plus, I want them to feel that I am not just sitting pretty inside my office. If they work their asses of, I do too. Rest assured that I will give my 200%.

I am an employee so I know how it feels to work for bosses. So when I become the boss, I will make my employees feel like they are working not for me, but for the company that treats employees the bosses of their own.

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