Back When I was a Kid

I will be having my birthday this month and I realized that I am not getting any younger.

A lot of my high school and grade school friends are already married, some have their own babies, some have migrated and lived abroad. But I do not envy them at all. I have always known that I will die single… And if not, I will be marrying on my 40s or later than that.

I am not afraid of getting old. What I am afraid of is getting old and dying without living any legacy. But why worry about something that’s not happening yet? I do not know what will happen in the future and I got plenty of time to live, maybe not perfectly, but more importantly, happily.

I spent my 3 day rest day on my parents’ house. My childhood friend was there and the vivid memories of my childhood came back to life.

It is always good to remember those days when I do not have to worry about something. When there are no bosses, there are no pending tasks. It was always study and play.

Seeing how I look like now, you will never expect me to be one of those dirty kids running and jumping over fences but looking back, I and my childhood friends were more adventurous than that.

I remember a lot of times when we will build fire on the backyard and the smoke will go up in the air. We were there happily watching the fire and pretending that we are playing in the clouds because of the smoke. Who would not want to play in the clouds? We were just kids and we were just using our imagination. We will end up coughing endlessly. We were always left unattended and we could have died of suffocation. Fortunately, people will always notice before something bad happens.

We will climb at the neighbor’s roof after watching cartoons. There were rumors saying that the person who owns the house possessed guns. We did not believe since they were only rumors. So we climbed his roof and just laid there. We were just kids and of course, we were talkative. We were giggling and sharing stories while eating the fruits we picked from the neighbor’s tree when we heard a man yelling. We looked down and saw the owner of the house, with a rifle in his hand, shouting at us. He even pointed the gun at us and scared the shit out of us. We hurried and left and one of my friends fell on the ground and he was brought to the hospital. He had fracture. After that incident, we never climbed his roof again… Just his roof, we climbed others. LOL.

Kids are naturally curious about everything under the sun so we often experiment about some gross things. One of the most unforgettable experiment we have done is tasting our own urine. LOL. We tasted, not drank. It was just droplet. Urine is salty. Yup. I tasted mine as well.

We made bubbles out of hibiscus flowers. And yes, it is possible.  We were not fans of the bubble making toys and moreover we could not afford one so we created our own. I will always try to cheat on mine. I will usually pour dishwashing liquid on mine. I am too lazy to grind the flower. It’s too tiring.

We will join dance contests on the streets. LOL. It is but normal to have rival groups. We had one. We will compete about everything, even in the silliest dance craze in town. I remember one time when we bumped on them on the street and we danced like crazy. It was in the tune of “spaghetti song”. I can’t dance and I look awkward everytime I try to. But being a child, I always wanted to look cool and win. Whenever I remember that time, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

Another encounter from my rival group. I and my friend bumped at them on the street. The gay one confronted me, I cannot remember his exact words but he was saying like, “I heard somewhere that you are not wearing underwear” and I was stunned. Who the heck would try to spread that gossip. So i denied, and he dared me to show him my underwear! LOL. I excused myself and went home but I came back. And I showed him my white underwear. (Yeah. When I was in grade 1 my shorts are my underwear. (My shorts were like seamless boyleg, so no need to)

Another encounter from my rival group again. They were the bully type and we were the tame one. One day, they trespassed into our vicinity and peed at us. LOL. How rude. So we we got even by trespassing into theirs and shooting them with pellet guns. Pellet guns were supposed to be for boys. And I was one of the boys back then so I have those kinds of stuff.

I have a lot of precious memories when I was a child and I can say that I am one of those people who had the best childhood ever.

More of this Entry of the Second Part 🙂

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