Hangover 101

I’m so damn hungover. I downed 4 bottles of beer and a bottle of red wine last night. At 8 pm, I already passed out.

I woke up two hours later feeling nauseous as hell. I wanted to update my blog but I had no control over my extremities although my brain is functioning well. LOL.

I went back to bed and listened to some music. There were English, Filipino, Korean, French, Thai, Russian, Japanese songs on my playlist. I did not know when it hit me but I fell asleep. The music helped. It’s good though, I needed enough rest because I had to work in the morning. After two hours, I randomly woke up and yep, that was it. Stayed awake til the morning light, just like the usual. Cumulatively, I only had 13 hours of sleep from Monday til today, Friday.

So I went to work this morning an hour early because I was so bored at home, had a cup of coffee cause I was still hungover and went online. And I was redirected to a portal, it said, I was disconnected. When I checked the account, it said zero balance due. What the fuck was that?

I tried to call their hotline but there was no response. I was literally going nuts. :/

I can’t even work. I can’t work online. I can’t watch music videos, I can’t watch YouTube videos. I can’t do anything…

At one pm, after eating lunch, I just decided to update my story. I was able to finish two parts (and published them just now, here’s the link Wire Me In (Home)). After that, I headed to my grandmother’s house for my auntie slash close friend’s wedding.

I took the train and because there’s a new system, and the machine wouldn’t recognize the card, I was so lost. I stood there like an uncivilized person trying to make things work. I figured I was tapping it on the wrong area. How the fuck would I know when there’s no instruction, or at least an informative picture of where to tap? I felt like an IDIOT. SMH.

Tomorrow, we are scheduled to look for wedding dresses. And I am not excited. She already showed me some of the designs, and I thought to myself, “THIS IS CLEARLY A MISTAKE.”

So revealing, I am telling you. God forbid, I would show the top half of my breasts and my inner thigh with that slit, the longest slit I have ever seen in my life. Would I really wear that dress? Would they really make us wear that dress?

Anyway, I am currently with my auntie while writing this blog. She is literally beside busy looking for designs on her phone. LOL. I’m so ruthless, am i not? 🙂

Got to head out for dinner. Thinking of pasta and pizza and a bottle of beer or two and another poem to write. I am still looking for inspiration. Hope I find it outside.





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