I Asked For A Tamagochi… My Classmate Gave Me An Angel Figurine Instead

I asked for a Tamagochi for our Kris Kringle and I was expecting to get it on our class’ Christmas Celebration. I remember that it was the first time I actually asked for a particular gift. I usually say “I don’t know”, or “Anything will do” because I am not really fond of presents.

I was in my 6th grade when I had this wanting for a Tamagochi, a handheld digital pet. Tamagochis are small alien species that deposited an egg on Earth to see what life was like, and it is up to the player to raise the egg into an adult creature.The creature goes through several stages of growth, and will develop differently depending on the care the player provides, with better care resulting in an adult creature that is smarter, happier, and requires less attention.

I had one when I was younger but I think I broke it. So when I got older, i thought it would be nice if i get another one.

I was so excited when the day arrived. Finally, I’ll get my new toy. When my name was called and my classmate handed me his gift, I was devastated with what I saw. Just by the form of the gift, I can already conclude that it’s not what I want… I faked a smile and thanked him still even if i’m not that grateful.

When i got home, I did not have the drive to open my gift but i opened it anyway just to see what he got for me. And I was totally speechless when I saw my supposedly, expected tamagochi, turned decoration… An Angel Figurine.

What a shame. What would I do with an angel figurine? And it looked like one of our project in our lower grade. It’s not even a barbie doll. At least if i got one, I could still play with it.

So there, I never my tamagochi, sadly.

It’s not the first time I told him this story and we still find it funny. We both have this fondness for old toys… toys that never age. I always loved tamagochi and he always liked a digivice.I’ve never seen one in my entire life until earlier this evening.

I remember one time when I was in a toy store and he told me to ask the sales clerk if they have a stock of digivice,

Digivice is the first in the series of Pedometer toys.There is no training element; instead you have control over the Digimon in your Season 1 Digivice. You befriend more Digimon as you progress throughout the areas. After certain amounts of battles, your Digimon will evolve into their more powerful forms. Progressing through the areas of the map requires you to take ‘Steps,’ which in turn are counted by a mini pendulum clicking on the inside of the toy. Keep it attached to your belt, and as you walk (or shake it manually) the counter will decrease, leading you to the boss of the area. Beat the boss to progress.

The clerk smiled at me and told me that those toys are already phased out. And i was like, “oh really?” The name sounded so new to me and I couldn’t believe they are already phased out. So I thanked the clerk and I asked him where could I possibly find one. I really had no idea that the toy existed ages ago. I was like an innocent child inside the store.

I never had as much toys as other children when i was younger. My parents would not buy us those. But we enjoyed some that other children did not have. Most are toys that originate from animes.

My brother and I used to play those beyblades,  spinning top toys. The toys usually include a ‘launcher’ – a device for bringing the spinning top up to speed, with either a separate or integral rip-cord. This ‘ripping’ action causes the tops to be ejected, at the end of the movement. Players eject the tops into a plastic arena or into a pan with a slightly dished base, where they subsequently strike each other. We always loved it when sparks appear whenever our beyblades strike each other. Beyblades are way too cool compared to the normal tops used by our playmates. I feel like a demigod whenever mine crushes other beyblades.

I liked the toys during my childhood. When the quality is still good and idea is still fresh.

I liked the toys that require the presence of other kids. When you still need to interact with them in person and you get to build camaraderie. More than the entertainment you get from playing, you also build friendship.

I feel sad for the children nowadays who will never experience playing the stuffs I used to play when I was young, beyblade, crush gear etc. Now it’s all about the tablets, the computers and the mobiles.

Yeah, they do get to feed a digital pet, pou for instance instead of tamagochis, but they will never experience the fun of watching a pixelated character walking or eating, or the excitement watching two tops hitting each other, waiting which stops spinning first. They will never experience the frustration I get whenever I have to buy new batteries for my toy… No chargers during those times. It was all about buying new ones.

And most importantly, they will never experience the challenge of pricking the micro mini reset button to start the game all over again.

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